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UNESCO and Hagia Sophia

Dear Ms. Janssen, My name is Theodore G. Karakostas and I have been writing to the New York Office of UNESCO for some time, with regard to the issue of the Turkish Government’s announced plans to convert the Greek Orthodox CATHEDRAL into a Mosque. This announcement followed on the heels of the actual conversion of […]

News about ERT

Watch ERT Livestream Bad news as Greece cuts TV lifeline – The Age Australia Greece Shuts Broadcaster in Bid to Show Resolve – NYT Τα γερμανικά ARD και ZDF καταρρίπτουν τον μύθο της «σπάταλης» ΕΡΤ – To Vima / Spiegel Renewed Greek troubles Darkness at midnight – The Economist European Broadcast Union urges Greece to […]

Doodle 4 Google – Η Ελλάδα μου

“Όσο άσχημα και να είναι τα πράγματα, υπάρχει το φως, υπάρχει ελπίδα”. “Ζωγράφισα το doodle με ένα μεγάλο ήλιο, τη θάλασσα και την ελληνική σημαία γιατί για μένα αυτά είναι η Ελλάδα.” Αλλά σχεδίασε και τη βάρκα του παππού του με την οποία πηγαίνει “βόλτες”. Ο 10χρονος Αστέριος Ρέυνικ της 4της δημοτικού είναι ο νικητής […]

Σύνταξη στα 50 για 250.000 μητέρες ανηλίκων

Εφημερίδα ΕΘΝΟΣ – “Σε 250.000 υπολογίζονται οι μητέρες ανηλίκων που μπορούν να αξιοποιήσουν μια σειρά ευνοϊκών ρυθμίσεων και να βγουν στη σύνταξη σε ηλικία 50 ετών. Οι συγκεκριμένες ασφαλισμένες είναι οι μεγάλες κερδισμένες, καθώς αποφεύγουν την έξοδο στα 67 και μπορούν να αποχωρήσουν 17 χρόνια ταχύτερα από τους νέους ασφαλισμένους”… Περισσότερα εδώ

S&P Boosts Greece’s Credit Rating 6 Notches

Standard and Poor’s boosted Greece’s credit rating by several notches Tuesday, citing the broad commitment to keep Greece in the eurozone. CNN: “S&P lifted Greece’s credit rating six notches to B-minus from selective default, a rating it slapped on Greece earlier this month when Greece entered into a debt buyback program with private bondholders…” . […]


Solutions for Growing Jobs

Fareed Zakaria Looks for Solutions for Growing Jobs in Political Special – CNN This one hour special shows very clearly, by example, what a country needs to do to create jobs. “CNN’s and TIME’s Fareed Zakaria describes this lengthy “jobless recovery” as part of a trend for the U.S. economy since the 1990s – as […]

President Clinton’s Visit to Greece – 22Jul2012

Greece is in a “Great Depression” similar to the American one in the 1930s, the country’s Prime Minister Antonis Samaras told former US President Bill Clinton on Sunday… Debt crisis: Greek economy is in a ‘Great Depression’ says Samaras – The Telegraph Greece now in “Great Depression” – Reuters President Clinton Comments on Greece from […]

President Clinton praises Greece at Cannes ad festival

Pres. Bill Clinton: “We need to figure out what we’re going to do to improve the image and the self image of the Greeks, they’re going to do whatever it takes to stay in the Eurozone.” “Someone needs to set aside aid to provide entrepreneurship, education– anything that will empower people– and give then a […]

Can the digital revolution rescue Greece from economic crisis?

“And yet, amidst all the despair, there is a rebirth going on in Greece. It’s a digital renaissance and it’s being pioneered by a new generation of talented young Internet entrepreneurs who are trying to reinvent not only the Greek economy and society, but also Greece’s role in today’s global economy….” Full article and video […]

Comments on the Joel Stein Article of July 2, 2012

Dear Sirs: I have been a  subscriber of TIME for a long time, but I was never before as intrigued by an article in your magazine as I was by Mr Stein’s article in the last issue, that of July 22, 2012, p.62.  I realize that The Awesome Column makes no pretense at serious thought, but this  writer’s historical ignorance astounds […]