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Olympic Games of 1896 – The 1st Olympiad

Today, April 6th, marks the 120th anniversary of the first modern Olympic Games, held in Athens, Greece, between 6 and 15 April 1896. The first Olympiad hosted 250 male athletes from 14 nations who competed in 9 different sports in 43 events. Competition took place in the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, where 80,000 spectators were […]

The Olive Tree (η Ελιά)

The olive tree By Kostis Palamas (ΚΩΣΤΗΣ ΠΑΛΑΜΑΣ) Η ΕΛΙΑ Eίμαι του ήλιου η θυγατέρα H πιο απ’ όλες χαϊδευτή. Xρόνια η αγάπη του πατέρα Σ’ αυτόν τον κόσμο με κρατεί. Όσο να πέσω νεκρωμένη, Aυτόν το μάτι μου ζητεί. Eίμ’ η ελιά η τιμημένη. Δεν είμ’ ολόξανθη, μοσχάτη Tριανταφυλλιά ή κιτριά· Θαμπώνω της ψυχής […]

Seminar on Greek and Roman Art and Architecture

The Archaeological Society at Athens, as I am sure everyone on this Forum is aware, has been doing for close to 200 years an outstanding job of unearthing and preserving the cultural heritage bequeathed to us by the Ancients. Recently a group of distinguished academics, both Greek and non-Greek, established in the US a Foundation […]

Μήνυμα ΣΑΕ – 25ης Μαρτίου 1821

ΜΗΝΥΜΑ ΤΗΣ ΓΡΑΜΜΑΤΕΩΣ ΣΑΕ ΔΡ. ΟΛΓΑ ΣΑΡΑΝΤΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΕΘΝΙΚΗ ΕΠΕΤΕΙΟ της 25ης ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 1821 ΚΑΙ ΤΟΝ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΣΜΟ ΤΗΣ ΘΕΟΤΟΚΟΥ Έλληνες και Φιλέλληνες όπου γης, Την σημερινή ημέρα τιμούμε την μνήμη των Αγωνιστών της Ελληνικής Επανάστασης του 1821. Τιμούμε την αυτοθυσία, το απαράμιλλο θάρρος ενός λαού που ξεσηκώθηκε ενάντια στην τυραννία και αγωνίστηκε ηρωικά στα […]

Referendum 2015 Results

Results from the Greek Ministry of Interior Ballot Information WebTV Live – ERT

What it means to Be Greek!

A 12 minute video for all to see, reminding us how proud we are to be Greek. The world owes a huge cultural debt to Greece.


By: Kimon Valaskakis Special to the MONTREAL GAZETTE May 30 2014 EUROPE’S ANTI-EU MOOD IS AN OMINOUS SIGN MONTREAL — In the elections for the new European Parliament that concluded last Sunday, a Euroskeptic tsunami swept over the continent. Parties heavily critical of the European Union made major electoral advances, particularly in France, Britain and […]

Archimedes: The Greatest Scientist Who Ever Lived

The scientist who personifies the greatest achievements of Greek and Western science was Archimedes. He applied mathematics for the understanding of the natural world and the cosmos. In one of his books, Ψαμμιτης (Psammites), or The Sand-Reckoner, Archimedes attempted to measure the size of the universe by calculating the number of the grains of sand […]

Το Θαύμα των Ελλήνων

Just click on the title and watch this video. It is worth the time.

The Blessed Olive Tree that Never Dies

By Evaggelos Vallianatos, Scholar; Author The olive tree was a gift of the gods to the Greeks. Goddess Athena planted the first olive tree on the acropolis at the center of Attica. The grateful Greek inhabitants of Attica honored the goddess by naming their polis Athena (Athens). The affection was mutual. Athena adopted and protected Athens. The […]