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Greek Tragedies

The violent reaction to bad news in Greece is unique but not so surprising given the country’s turbulent past. By VICTOR DAVIS HANSON – WALL STREET JOURNAL Draping the Acropolis with a hammer-and-sickle banner might seem a stupid public relations stunt—especially as a bankrupt Greece seeks to reassure foreign capitalist investors to save Hellenic socialism… […]

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News Links 16May2010

Greece says will clean up corruption in politics ATHENS (Reuters) – Greece’s government said on Saturday it will clean up corruption among politicians and restore public trust, but faces flagging support and public anger at measures to resolve a debt crisis that has hit the euro… More… . Greece Considering Legal Action Against U.S. Banks […]

Run. Turkey To The Rescue

This morsel of news was simply irresistible. But it happened. Yes, Turkey is bent on helping its neighbor. Its favorite child. That’s what the newspapers said…. More…

Viva Sarkozy!

“It was a standup argument. He was shouting and bawling,” said one official in Brussels. “It was Sarkozy on steroids,” said a European diplomat. “He’s always very energetic. This time he was very emotional, too.” The French leader banged his fist on the table, according to yesterday’s El País newspaper in Spain… More…

A bit of gratitude does not harm : ) and goes a long way!

Dear colleagues and compatriots I fully acknowledge and I am grateful for the good work, out of their heart and love for our country, that our Forum administrators are doing. You know, it is very easy for all of us to quickly “na paei o nous sto kako” and to start thinking negatively if what […]

Can the Forum come up with a concrete plan?

Dear all, It is apparent that economic devastation comes with political defeat and national disaster. There are so many examples, not in the Greek history exclusively, to support such statement. All these days I read comments and predictions about upcoming disasters which I do not necessarily either doubt or fully support. But is this really […]

the blaming game

Αγαπητοί συμπατριώτες, Sitting here doing my business keeping the technical side of the house in best shape I can. I guarantee you it is not easy. Servers, accounts, lists, blogs, web content, connectivity, and the list go on and on. In addition, single-handedly running the Parthenon Marbles Awareness campaign having to deal with publicity concerns […]