Two items to discuss:

1) This Forum is a sleeping Giant. Too many bright minds in one place.
Yes discussions are good and sometimes constructive but we have to raise above politics and actually do things for the public good and our fellow countryman.
Take action. This is the key. Produce. Focus on Solutions.
Here are some examples of efforts trying to recast Greece at a better light

2) I bring to your attention that the Forum delivery of the emails has constraints. Each email is being delivered to 5,500 colleagues. We are trying to send out 10 emails per day but many . Simple arithmetic shows that this equates to 55,000 emails have to be send by our server per day. This by itself is quite some task given to our limited resources.

Due to this constraint, many of your emails are being held and will never get posted.

Therefore, I encourage you to post your writings in the blog. The blog is open to everyone with Internet access. As long you register then you can post.
Thanos Voudouris
HEC Director