We would appreciate if you refrain from posting political/partisan content or lobbying for political causes. There are many other things we can do for promoting Hellenism and helping our country in these difficult times such as these examples:

  • Promote tourism,
  • Campaign for Greece’s name and image through public relations initiatives,
  • Research and compile solid proposals for economic growth in specific subjects (agriculture, renewable energy etc.)
  • Promote our natural resources of beauty and antiquities for international movie making opportunities to Studios
  • See examples of efforts for recasting Greece at a better light
  • …. and the list could go on and on.

    HECs resources should not be used for such activities as advocating toppling government officials, directly or indirectly. These subjects of political/partisan nature are not part of our purpose or scope and in addition jeopardize our standing as a non-profit 501(c)(3) USA organization. Therefore, HEC is not in position to support the effort suggested in the email (forum post) under the subject “Πυρπόληση της Αθήνας”. If anyone would like to proceed they can do so outside of the Forum and HEC.

    For those who like to know more about us visit our website.

    The Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) is an organization whose goal is to promote the Hellenic culture and civilization through the Internet. HEC offers free Internet services to non profit, Hellenic organizations. It also collaborates with individuals and institutions to create and publish projects with Hellenic content. Members of HEC are volunteers around the world, mainly Greeks of the Diaspora who want to preserve and distribute their cultural heritage.

    HEC Bylaws Article 2 – PURPOSE AND SCOPE
    Section 1 – Purpose
    The purpose of the Center is to organize, house and distribute historically, and academically, accurate information regarding all aspects of the Hellenic (Greek) civilization, past, modern, and future, worldwide through electronic communications networks; particularly, through the Internet. The Center’s purpose expands to provide Internet hosting services to other non-profit organizations per addendum 6, organizations and participate in various projects related to Hellenism. The Center has, therefore, established computer servers under the domain name www.greece.org .

    Section 2 – Organization Status
    The Center is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) under Federal ID: 51-0377653 registered in the State of Delaware of the United States of America. The Center is a nonpartisan organization, without any preference, or affiliation for any given politically-aligned ideology or political party. All Center’s volunteers and the officers are working strictly voluntarily and without any monetary compensation for their efforts. Funding of the Center is described in these By-Laws.

    Thanos Voudouris
    HEC Director.