Helena Smith in Athens
The Guardian, Friday 27 December 2013 15.24 EST

“Athens witnesses surge in number of comedy sketch shows and musicals as Greeks seek solace from their economic turmoil.
Five nights a week, every week, the worn velvet seats of the Bretania theatre heave to the sound of thunderous applause.

The man provoking the clapping and peals of laughter is Lakis Lazopoulos, a stocky figure who spends the best part of three hours prancing across the stage in flamboyant costumes and wigs.

Greece’s most famous comedian, Lazopoulos is said to be the funniest man in the country, a modern reincarnation of the ancient satirist Aristophanes.

There is nothing that the comic will not lampoon. In this, his latest show, corrupt politicians, treasured customs – from evading the taxman to pocketing “ta mavra” [black money] – Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and the Greeks themselves are all in the line of fire. Audiences can’t get enough”…

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