Click to watch the 3 min video trailer of A Family Affair

Click to watch the 3 min video trailer


We are Anemon Productions, an independent film company based in Athens, Greece, and think you would be interested in our latest project “A Family Affair.” The documentary follows Greece’s renowned musical clan, the Xylouris family, who originates from the small village, Anogeia, in the island of Crete. “A Family Affair” is a tale of modernity meeting tradition, of globalization fusing culture, while a family negotiates ties amidst the complexity of it all.

The story is centered around the lives of our two protagonists, Psarogiorgis and Shelagh. Giorgis, the son of celebrated Cretan musician Psarantonis, strives to carry on the unique music of his origins. Meanwhile, Giorgos’ Australian wife Shelagh wavers between her desire to hold the family together, and her need to maintain ties to her own homeland. Their children, Nick, Antonis, and Apollonia, are a vibrant and inspirational force in the film. Their ability to infuse the opportunities offered by life abroad, while maintaining their allegiance to Cretan music, fuels the film with dynamic energy.

We expect “A Family Affair” to be completed by the Fall of 2014. Please join us as we finish our journey! Click here to watch the trailer and here to like and follow our Facebook page for updates. Don’t be shy to share it, and feel free to contact us with any questions :).


Aliya & the Anemon Team