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Commenting on what is analyzed bellow it is evident that it appears to be a bad behavior on a group or people residing in Hellas. This kind of behavior is well known and it would be interesting for the scientific community to try to find out the reasons a group of people behave this way. Some things to take into consideration in doing such an investigation are the legislation framework and its ability to provide check and balance on public issues and education.

Legislation is important because the same groups of people when living in a more balanced legal framework has an excellent behavior since Hellenes are developing activities all over the globe. The legal framework 1268/1982, for example, which governs Hellenic higher education, has transformed to a certain degree the academic senate into a union body. If, for example and according to the 1268/1982 law which is valid today, the voting people in the academic senate are 100 faculty members then there must be an additional of 50 participating and voting students.

Taking into consideration from international practice that a 30% of faculty members are performing academically at a medium level, and then, there is a majority of 30+50 = 80 low academic profile people who governs the University. The interesting thing is that 30% of the low academic profile faculty has by law the right to govern the University and transfer the responsibility of all wrong things they do to the students. There are many questions regarding this example such as:
who did this law?
What was the qualification of the committee members who developed this law?
Why some of the committee members seven years later said “mea culpa” in a publication 17.9.1989? Why the academic community does not react for 28 years?
Why high ranking officers of present political scene and members of the 1268/1982 committee did not say “mea culpa” yet?

It is obvious that there is no such a law at international level. There are many such examples and unlimited number of questions why having in Hellas such a legislation framework. Those scholars who want to help Hellas could also work on this important issue “How Hellas legislation can be improved to free the hands of Hellenes to create magnificent things in their own country as they are everywhere capable of doing”.

As far as education is concerned there is significant material developed from ancient years up today and all needed is to advance it using scientific procedures. Education is the strong point of Hellenism and can help not only people in Hellas to produce a better legislation framework but also globally can help to limit the influence of destructive actions of human mind. In the previous e-mail it was mentioned that there is such a work given in the links:


Therefore, it will be once again greatly appreciated if people in the forum download and read these documents and comment on it.

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