Dear all,

It is apparent that economic devastation comes with political defeat and national disaster. There are so many examples, not in the Greek history exclusively, to support such statement.
All these days I read comments and predictions about upcoming disasters which I do not necessarily either doubt or fully support. But is this really the objective of a brainstorming forum consisting of more than 6,000 PhDs?
If there is an absolute need for the country that we were born in, originate from or currently live in is to “have the brain think for the whole body”. Can this forum come up with a concrete plan that describes certain detailed steps (and not just ideas and values) to show the way out of this devastation (financial, political AND EDUCATIONAL)?
After we come up with such plan we need to use all our connections and political leverage to influence the decision makers and convince them about the feasibility of our proposed plan.
If we cannot do that we may end up being indifferent narrators of all these diasasters that have been predicted via our dialogues. We need to act and not start “crying” in the view of a more or less probable upcoming “alosis”.

Konstantinos Drosatos MSc, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Scientist