Dear colleagues and compatriots

I fully acknowledge and I am grateful for the good work, out of their heart and love for our country, that our Forum administrators are doing.

You know, it is very easy for all of us to quickly “na paei o nous sto kako” and to start thinking negatively if what WE want is not done quickly (!) We seem to forget that the Forum administrators (1) are volunteers, so they can pull out of their Forum activities if they want, and (2) because they are volunteers they do what they can, because indeed they have, like us, families, jobs, they can get seek…..
And for what? For getting a head-wreck (and not getting paid for it) dealing with all the Forum issues, as Mr Voudouris so eloquently described in his “the blaming game message”?
AND on top of that for getting a double head-wreck from us when we complain!

As Mr Voudouris wrote, when was the last time we volunteered, spent money from our pockets and time from our family, work, sleep to do someting for our beloved Greece? When?
Myself, I lead the effort to uphold the small community of Greeks in Ireland, run the Greek School, our dance troupe (xoreutiko), promote our Metropolis with numerous and various cultural activities a year ( and more. In these shoes, in my capacity as the President of the Hellenic Community of Ireland, I know EXACTLY where Prof Botsas and Mr Voudouris are coming from….

This whole thing also reflects our Greek society collectively. Generally speaking, we are an ungrateful lot us Greeks. The “filotimoi” and hard working people seem to be gotten always for granted, while the mavericks, crooks and smart-asses (excuse my langage esteemed academics!) are percieved as “cool”, including most of our politicians in Greece, especially if we want them to do us a “rousfeti” or “a volema”, and who after all are elected by most of the members of this Forum, and the rest of the Greek people of course.


Dr Thomaé Kakouli-Duarte
Lecturer, Biosciences