Five (5) – Steps Approach to Success

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Dear colleagues and friends, Good day. (Kali Evdomada-Tyrinis)

Being a System Engineer-Scientist, I would like to outline an approach that could be useful to the HEC Forum.
Given a problem there is a Five (5) – Step Approach that should be followed in order to solve it:
1) Define the problem well and as precise as possible. Make it specific, narrow, well targeted and focused.- In simple words state <where you want to go>.
2) Justify the reasons, in other words state the <why’s>.
3) Collect all relevant information and facts. Analyze them with respect to 1 and 2. In other words make sure you know very well the Initial Conditions (IC) of the given problem (not of any other related problem). Understand how these ICs were reached (past history).
4) Identify all available methods-solutions that could be used. In case there is none you should be prepared to develop one, in a very short period of time
5) Select the method-solution that will be ‘optimal’, cost effective, realistic, reasonable, acceptable but above all executable.

Systemic people call the above approach the 5-Steps Approach to Success.

Now there is an obvious question: Is this relevant to HEC Forum? I believe YES. Let me remind you 0f some earlier recommendations that have been made by Prof K. Drosatos and others who also agree that the HEC Forum should make some reforms and/or significant changes. I believe that the above 5-Steps could help in this direction. In addition many of us could use it to come up with wise and intelligent propositions-ideas when addressing any hot issue that is raised within the Forum. Most of you (and some are very good friends of mine) would raise the obvious question: all this require a lot of effort especially when the issues have political dimensions. YES INDEED But let us not forget that <αγαθά κόποις κτώνται>. Indeed because the issues that are analyzed are complex and difficult. Nevertheless I still believe that this { 5-Step Approach to Success} could help us to analyze any issue and come up with well thought, seriously analyzed and useful positions for all of us, our Ethnos and Country.

Having said this please allow me to make a few general remarks:

  • a) The Forum should stay away from all kind of politics. It has never helped a generic Hellenic cause when politics start to interfere on our efforts.
  • b) We should carefully select our words when we criticize the views of the others. It does not help us in building a stronger and friendlier Society. We can say the same thing with softer and polite words.
  • c) Our opinions and ideas should be based on more solid data and well formulated concepts. We should try to avoid generalities and unrealistic scenarios.. In addition we should talk and analyze things that are within our scientific background and the experience we have. Everybody e.g., talking on economic and financial matters does not help anybody and/or the national effort. People do not read or trust views of someone who does not back them up with solid evidence and appeal to reason (ορθός λόγος) as our wise ancestors did.
  • d) Having said (c) it is of interest to know how many people do or do not read such <unrealistic> proposals. I believe that most of us delete e-mails (not necessarily only from HEC Forum) that give the impression that the writer does not give a well thought message. Really, has anyone analyze and survey this issue? Indeed, how many take seriously each e-mail of the Forum? This should be taken seriously by all those people that write on everything, accusing people and/or a specific group of people, providing unrealistic solutions. In this way they create a chaos which in the end does not help anybody. For example what has been the impact and the level of readership of the Issue <λεφτά υπάρχουν>
  • e) Should we spend a lot of time dealing and discussing some issues not of tremendous interest to all Forum’s members? The time been spent in writing and reading the e-mails for such issues could be spent in better and more productive activities e.g. Organize a small workshop to address a more vital and challenging topic of the Forum.
  • f) Given (e) perhaps we should create a number of Think Tanks (TT) (an idea been proposed by others) having a Central theme (e.g. the financial and economic crisis of Greece, the problem of Skopia, the 1821 Greek Revolution, Greek University and Research System, the Greek-Turkish relationship,….). In these TT scientists that have the relevant background and knowledge should get involved, analyze, study and express their opinion to those of us that would be interested in the subject. The scientist could accept and use if they wish the 5-Steps Approach to Success as outlined above.
  • g) Saying (f) I do not imply that many interesting articles and/or discussions of general interest, could and should not see the light of this Forum. It should simply be grouped to a subcategory of the HEC e-mails to something like: <the coffee shop> or <the theater stage> or <the chat room>.

I would greatly appreciate to hear your feedback on the above

And now to some specific recommendations:

1) Prof. Papamarinopoulos should come forward with the proposal for holding a Conference. (February 25th has passed)
2) Everyone should try to convince at least 10 Academicians/Scientists/Entrepreneurs to join the HEC Forum
3) Everybody should donate the HEC Forum 50 Euros or 50 Dollars(minimum) without making it public.
4) People that have access to Media(TV and/or Newspapers) should promote HEC’s scopes and objectives
5) Let us start think seriously about setting up the first 4-5 Think Tanks(TT) and start working systematically and seriously on them

I will stay with the above five specific suggestions so to be consistent with the 5-Steps Approach.

Kindly yours
Professor Petros P. Groumpos
Director of the Laboratory for Automation and Robotics
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

One Response to “Five (5) – Steps Approach to Success”

  1. Prof. Eleni Phufas says:

    Dear members,

    I suggest that the “master plan” submitted by Professor Groumpos be discussed immediately by the HEC Board and then implemented. Let us finally select our projects according to the Groumpos model – list them, formulate the conceptual framework and then work on these projects in teams. The HEC list has been successful in some of its intiatiives in part because of this teamwork. Now we should infuse the discussion list following these ideas.

    In addition, his broader suggestions for the HEC are excellent. I hope the HEC board will consider them and apply them to this forum. For the most part now much of what is posted is emotionally and politically based, often very interesting and important items but they lead us nowhere. Result? Apathy with very few willing to do the work needed to advance the mission of supporting the Ethnos/Patrida.

    Respectfully yours,

    Prof. Eleni Phufas

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