For a Donation of a
Personal Computer (Web Server)


Prepared by:
Thanos Voudouris, HEC Director
And HEC's Executive Council

18 October, 1997

Hellenic Electronic Center

IBM Corporation
Att. George Kirkley
100 East Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

Date: 18 October, 1997 

Subject: Donation Request of a Web Server

Dear Mr Kirkley,

 I had used the "askIBM" service of IBM to find out where I should ask for a donation. As per the suggestion of George Lavasidis ( ) of "askIBM", here you will find our proposal for the request of a PC to be used as a web server for our organization.

I appreciate very much your attention to this important matter. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me either via e-mail ( ) or via the telephone at: (301) 286-4557. Please direct any correspondence to my home address:

Thanos Voudouris
18805 Tanterra Way
Brookeville, MD 20833



Thanos Voudouris
HEC Director
Computer Systems Scientist, NASA/GSFC


  9. APPENDIX A - IRS Documents
  10. APPENDIX B - Sample Letters from Visitors



( )

The mission of the Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) ( ) is to house and distribute information regarding the Hellenic civilization around the world through electronic communications networks, and particularly through the Internet. The Center operates as a non profit organization registered in the United States. Its main functions include, but not limited to, initiate and/or actively support related projects on the Internet and providing Internet services to other non-profit Hellenic cultural and educational organizations. All its volunteers and the officers are working strictly voluntarily and without any monetary compensation for their efforts. All services are provided free of any charge.



We are requesting the donation of one Personal Computer to use it as our Web Server, preferably an IBM PC Server 325 series. The basic specification it is put together by our technical department ( ) volunteers identifying components required for this operation. These specifications reflect the baseline of what we need. Comparable hardware will be also equally acceptable.

Requested PC Server Specifications:



  1. Pentium 200 MHz
  2. 128 MB RAM
  3. IDE & SCSI disk system
  4. 1 x 4GB IDE HD
  5. 2 x 4GB ultrawide SCSI III
  6. PCI SCSI-3 controller (Adaptec)
  7. Basic video card, 2MB/PCI
  8. CD-ROM 8x-speed or better (scsi)
  9. Network card 3COM 10/100 card
  10. Modem 56k (internal)
  11. Tape drive (scsi) 4GB+ (4mm or 8mm)


  1. NT 4.0 Server (including IIS)
  2. Visual Basic

Other options would like to have:

a. SmartUPS 450VA
b. Hard Disk mirroring capability



HEC's purpose is to provide an Internet home and services, free of charge, to other non-profit organizations and participate on various educational projects. To accomplish our goals, we must have uninterrupted Internet service. Having our own server will guarantee the stability of the services we are providing as well expand and improve our services. Without the server, our operations are being hindered by disk storage and technical support limitations imposed by the ISP service provider. Therefore it is extremely important to have our own server.

Projects like "Learn Greek through the Internet", which are done in English/Greek, Italian/Greek, (German also is in the works), or "Greek Mythology", are very important elements for our efforts.

It should be noted, that arrangements have already been made with one of our ISP sponsors SYSNET ( ) to house our server on their site (free of charge), directly connected on a T1 Internet line.



Please see Attachment A for a copy of the IRS papers 501(c)(3).



A list of our sponsors, as well our policy on sponsorships, is listed on:

( )

a. Corporate Sponsors:

b. Individual Donors:



HEC's member volunteers are being listed in: ( ). Directors and Executive Council Members are listed bellow in alphabetical order:

Mr. Thanassis Episcopos. PhD.
Senior Economist
National Bank of Greece

Mr. Nikos Provatas PhD.
Associate Research Physicist
Department of Physics and Mechanical Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Capt. Evangelos Rigos
President Rigos
Chartering, Inc.
New York 

Mr. Chris Theoharis
Graphics Designer

Mr. Thanos Voudouris
Computer Systems Scientist at NASA GSFC



The effectiveness of this donation will be measured by its ability to provide services of educational and informational value not only to the Hellenic community but to all people around the world who like to learn about the Hellenism. Our focus to the younger audience with the educational content of the projects will cover fields ranging from Hellenic History and Culture to the History of Mathematics and Science. Many projects will be written with the classroom in mind, and will help provide teachers in out-of-reach areas with on-line access to material available to larger big-city schools. A current project as it develops by member professors and teachers from around the world can be seen at Already some projects have been in use as a teaching aid in several schools across Canada. Other HEC projects will use the medium of cyberspace to provide the ability to individuals and groups of individuals to access the enormous database of information and knowledge available through the world wide web. All these efforts will produce measurable results with their success.

A comprehensive web tool to measure our success it is also in place. Based on the server information, our site was visited last month by 33,777 people from 86 different countries, which translates to an average of 668 visitors per single day! (total number of hits were recorded to be 587,706). With the new server, our work will be much easier and the produced results will be measured by the definite increase of visitors which will clearly show the success of your donation.

Detail statistical information also are being kept for our web site and can be viewed at


8. CONCLUSIONPlease visit our web site to see the wealth of information we are providing free to the public, as being compiled and worked by our tens of volunteer members. Our fifty plus volunteers around the world, as well many people who are using and visiting our web site will be thankful to you for this small donation. Sample letters we have received from visitors are in Appendix B.

We sincerely appreciate your time for considering our organization as a candidate of your kind donation. IBM will be proudly listed on our web site as one of our main sponsors.


Here are the IRS 501(c)(3) documents.


Sample letters from visitors to HEC's web site.

From Sun Feb 16 19:14:41 1997
Reply-to: (Kim Oliver)
Subject: WWW comments (Forms submission)

Geographical location:
Good Morning, My name is Kim Oliver. I am a seventh grade teacher in Dennis,
MA., USA. I am interested in knowing the types of information that would be
avaliable through your home page. I am particularly interested in the
information that the Poseidon group may have available. I am interested
in developing a unit concerning Ancient Greece, and would be interested
in any information that may be available that would pertain to the
technological advances made during this time period. Any information that
you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


From Tue Feb 25 11:36:57 1997
Reply-to: (Nancy Rogier)
Subject: WWW comments (Forms submission)

Geographical location: Massachusetts
Comments: I am looking for the source of the painting that leads
off your link on the Fall of Constantinople, 1433. Its caption says
"Scene from the battle defending Constantinople, Paris 1499." The
information I need would be the museum or collection this painting
orginates from. I am seeking this information because I would like
to contact the source to request permission to use this image in
a textbook. If you can give me the source, my photo researcher will
do the rest. Thank you in advance for your help.

Your site is excellent in its historical detail.


From Tue Mar 25 12:25:30 1997
Reply-to: (Harry Papadopoulos)
Subject: WWW comments (Forms submission)

Geographical location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Comments:I am interested in HEC's objectives and would like to participate
in any way that I can. Alson I would be interested in communicating with
Greeks from Athens.


From Fri Apr 11 12:37:53 1997
Organization: Silsbee High School
Subject: Poseidon

Thank you so much for this wonderful site. It has helped my students
with their mythology research!


From Sun Apr 27 21:33:35 1997
Subject: Argonautica

An enjoyable excursion for the neophyte as well as for the wizened old
mariner. Glad to see that cyber-journies are also a means of
rediscovery. Benedicta in itinere vestro!


From Fri Jun 20 14:01:41 1997
Subject: Hi

Thanks for your great site!! I am a classroom teacher and five of us
are doing a collaborative effort on ancient Greece. We want to build
replicas of ancient greek ships and test Archimedes' Principle . Would
you be able to help us?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Susan Semenick
Zionsville Middle School
Zionsville, IN. 46077


From Sat Jul 26 01:20:52 1997
Organization: E*TRADE Group, Inc.
Subject: site

Your site is spectacular. We have been in great need of an online
center like this. I applaud your efforts, Bravo!

From Mon Sep 29 10:15:31 1997
Reply-to: (Doug Thompson)
Subject: WWW comments (Forms submission)

Geographical location: East Kentucky
Comments: Great site! My Interest in Greece began in 1973 when I was
serving in the USAF and received notice of an upcoming 12 month tour
to Lefkas, Greece. I am particularly interested in Lefkas because I
lived there on top of a 2800 foot mountain on a USAF communications
site. There were 29 of us and we looked forward to frequent trips to

A lot can change in 24 years. I was 32 at the time.
But time can't affect the timeless beauty of Greece and especially

Thank you

doug thompson

From Tue Oct 7 21:57:12 1997
Organization: Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. USA
Subject: Greek lessons

to: Angelos Kanlis

Excellent program!

Russell R. Ramsey
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. USA

From Sun Oct 19 17:53:23 1997
To: <>
Subject: Hellenic Community of Alexandria Egypt

Dear sirs,
I take this opportunity to congratulate you for the grate job
you are doing spreding our wonderfull history and culture. So many of us
and especialy our children and grand children of the diaspora need
a constant awakening of our ethnic concience and pride,as I sincerely
believe being a Greek
is a previledge.

With grate enjoiment and interest I have read you segmen
"ROMIOSINI" and I hope in the
future you could write about the renoun " HELLENIC COMMUNITY OF ALEXANDRIA
' which has contibuted so much to our cultures.

In the hope that we will have the pleasure to read about the
above mentione subject matterI. in the near future I remain dear sirs

Sincerely yours