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The primary purpose of the Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) is to unify electronically the information of hellenic content available on the internet and act as a resource that will diffuse the hellenic culture around the world. Some such information databases and services in electronic format already exist on the internet. What is required however is to: a) organize and make access easy to these services to everyone b) provide a physical storage place for which this information can be permanently stored and c) provide dedicated computers that will handle the requests for this information.

The aim of the HEC is to fulfill all of the above. This is a unique project for which a group of people have dedicated there time and effort to make a reality on a volunteer basis . The following links will explain more about the project and how you can help us in our effort.

HEC purpose

PURPOSE: To specify the need for the creation of the HEC.
TAKERS: Michael Kolios
STATUS: Almost completed. Comments encouraged.
REQUESTS: Send your comments/suggestions to Michael Kolios, Thanos Voudouris

HEC bylaws

PURPOSE: To specify the rules for the formation and maintenance of the HEC.
TAKERS: Thanos Voudouris , Athanasios Episcopos, Angelos Haritsis, Vangelis Rigos, Chris Theoharis, Michael Kolios
STATUS: In progress.
REQUESTS/COMMENTS: Send your comments/suggestions to any of the above


PURPOSE: To create and maintain the HEC frequently asked questions (FAQ).
TAKERS: Athanasios Episcopos,Michael Kolios
STATUS: In progress.
REQUESTS/COMMENTS: Send your comments/suggestions to any of the above

HEC members

PURPOSE: To compile and maintain a list of the volunteers contributing to the HEC
STATUS: To be initiated.
REQUESTS/COMMENTS: A number of people involved in the Poseidon Project are involved in this effort.

HEC technical

PURPOSE: To initially perform a feasability study and examine requirements for the operation of the HEC. Then to ensure the proper maintanence of the system.
TAKERS: Angelo Haritsis , Thanos Voudouris , Ioannis Tambouras
STATUS: In progress.
REQUESTS/COMMENTS: A substantial amount of the system requirements work has already been done under the codename TEC000--HEC Systems Specification of the Poseidon Project.

HEC promotion: endorsements and financing

PURPOSE: To go and find companies/institutions/individuals that will contribute to the HEC, with focus on the financing of the project
TAKERS: Vangelis Rigos, Athanasios Episcopos, George Siopsis
STATUS: In progress.
REQUESTS/COMMENTS: This will have to be one of the most active parts of the project! HEC will require external funds to operate!

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