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1 Thanos, Voudouris Washington DC, USA Computer Systems, Enterprise Architectures Information systems technology, enterprise systems architectures, Directory Services and Internet Security, strategic planning and execution in alignment of IT with business objectives. Career in NASA satellite communications, nuclear submarines, naval aircraft simulators, enterprise architectures. 2010-05-02
2 Demosthenes , Kostas Greenwich CT USA Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Taught Electrical Engineering at City College of NY USA; Technically proficient elecommunications Standards Manager with International exposure and significant experience in such Technologies as broadband Fixed Wireless Access, ATM, SONET, and Dense-Wavelength Division Multiplexing. Recognized in the telecommunications industry for the development of new Technology Specifications. History of utilizing technical and managerial skills to develop telecommunications products and services. 2010-05-03
3 Konstantinos, Drosatos New York, USA Molecular Biology Postdoctoral research scientist Molecular Biology Cardiac lipid metabolism 2010-05-02
4 Thomais , Kakouli-Duarte Maynooth, Ireland molecular genetics, immunology, cell biology Undergraduate teaching in molecular genetics, immunology, cell biology; Research foci: nematodes as environmental indicators and biological control agents, bumble bee conservation, quarantine diagnostics. President of the Hellenic Community of Ireland 2006-2011 2010-05-03
5 Ioanna, Anastassopoulou Athens Radiation Chemistry & Biospectroscopy I am professor in NTUA (Radiation Chemistry & Biospectroscopy) Research area application of infrared spectroscopy in human tissues for pre-diagnosis of diseases. Elected: Member of POSDEP, DS. KIMEMP, President since 2003 at TRIKKH (Citizens from Trikala in Athens). Awarded for my research 2010-05-13
6 Stathis, Polychroniadis Thessaloniki, Greece Electron Microscopy Microstructural characterization of materials using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). 2010-05-14
7 Alexanrdos, Kassios Athens Greece Computer Engineering and Informatics Computer Engineering and Informatics 2010-05-14
8 Iordanis, Karagiannidis Los Angeles, CA, USA Medical research Medical research - investigation of adipose related effects in intestinal inflammatory diseases as well as the association between IBD-induced, adipose-specific changes and glucose metabolism. 2010-05-14
9 Evaggelos, Vallianatos Claremont, CA, USA Historian, Environmental analyst Historian: Greek history, ancient, medieval and modern; Environmental analyst: US environmental protection policies, global sustainable development, family farming. 2010-05-15
10 Dimitrios, Zoakos Porto, Portugal Theoretical Physics Postdoctoral fellow - Theoretical Physics 2010-05-18
11 KOSTAS, KOZYRAKIS Athens,Greece Dentistry laser technology Assistant Proffessor of Endodontics,School Of Dentistry,University of Athens,Greece. Expertise in the use of lasers in dentistry. President of the Society for the Oral Applications of Microscope Secretary of AHEPA,Athens Chapter HJ1 2010-05-18
12 Nicholas C., Georgantzas New York, NY, 10023, USA Management Systems Professor, Management Systems, and Director, System Dynamics (SD) Consultancy, Fordham University, New York, NY, USA. Also consultant to senior management and a forensic economist. Author of Scenario-Driven Planning (Greenwood, 1995), has published expansively. Mostly transdisciplinary, research interests, publications and consulting entail strategy design, systems thinking and knowledge technology. 2010-05-19
13 John, Psarouthakis Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Business strategy, economic development Adviser to two Michigan Governors. Also was member of a small group that advised president Busch (father) on economic development of Mid West. Business Executive, Founded and built a Fortune 500 industrial corporation. Academic-strategy and growth models. Author-seven books to date. Speaker, lecturer. Publisher: (The Business Thinker magazine) Founder: (JP-Management Center) 2010-05-20
14 Theodore, Christou Fredericton, Canada Education, History History and Philosophy of Education 2011-08-29
15 Betty, Hood Bethesda, MD, USA English Literature Educator - Writer, Editor 2012-03-08
16 Periklis, Gogas Thessaloniki, Greece Economics, Finance Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, International Economics 2012-06-23
17 Harry, Matheos Hania, Greece Architectural Engineering I have varied experience and expertise in the fields of real estate, real property, and facilities management, as a retired Architectural Engineer and Assistant to the Chief of Engineers, USACE, from 1984 until my early retirement, in 2004. I can spend a few hours a week developing selection criteria, evaluating and ranking proposals, or as otherwise appropriate. 2014-02-25
18 Stauros, Ikonomidis, MD Munich, Bayern, Germany I am a medical Dr. mit political activation in Germany Since 1965 In Germany, ormote to Dr. med. 1968, Member of the F.D.P und District Präsident of Munich West. I have sent a letter to cancellor Merkel upon the nessecary war-reparations to Greece etc. On each opportunity I bring the item to my correspondance. 2014-10-26
19 john, gillo usa media and slogans I created a pro-Greece, anti-austerity graphic that I would like to send you. Please respond if interested. -j 2015-05-12
20 Olivera, Mijuskovic Belgrade Ancient Philosophy and Culture Ancient Greek Philosophy and Culture 2017-02-22
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