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NEW YORK, 09/15/97 - The Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) has been
established for the purposes of developing a global network for Hellenism
utilizing the internet. The founders of HEC and those who partake in its
operation are located throughout the world, in Hellenic communities and
include non-Greeks with an interest in Hellenism. All communications and
business of the HEC is done through the internet. HEC was founded on the
principle that the internet can be used as a powerful vehicle to unite,
educate Hellenes and expose Hellenism to the Global Community. To date the
operation of HEC has proven successful.

 HEC was founded on March 1, 1995 and incorporated as a non-profit,
non-political electronic organization in the State of Delaware. In
accordance to its corporate objectives, HEC endeavors to organize, use,
and distribute information regarding all aspects of Hellenism around the
world by utilizing the internet. In particular, HEC actively supports and
promotes, through technical assistance and advice, a number projects that
advance the interests of Hellenism. HEC is always open to, and encourages,
Hellenic organizations to submit their ideas and projects for

Presently HEC is involved in the following projects:

Poseidon  (www.greece.org/poseidon/)
Romiosini (www.greece.org/Romiosini/)
Neolaia/Schools (www.greece.org/neolaia/schools/sxedio.html)
Worldwide Hellenic Student Associations (www.greece.org/WHSA/)
Greek Lessons Through the Internet (www.greece.org/gr-lessons/)
The Spirit of Ancient Olympics (www.greece.org/olympics/)
Hellenic Alexandria (www.greece.org/alexandria/)
 - Patriarchate of Alexandria
 - School of Archaelogical and Classical Studies
 - In search of Alexander the Great Tomb
 - Hellenic Community
 - The Tomb
 - The Faros
Marbles (www.greece.org/parthenon/)
Hellenic American Medical Society (www.greece.org/H-AMS/)

In addition, HEC is housing and it is supporting with its technical
staff the following organizations:

Hellenic Canadian Congress (Quebec and Ontario provinces)
Hellenic Studies at Dawson College
American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (5th District)
Hellenic Institute Strategic Studies
Hellenic International Artist's Foundation
Greek Orthodox Folk Dance Festival
United Hellenic American Action Society
Hellenic American Cultural Association of Colorado
Hellenic Cultural Organization of Chicago
Hellenic Union of Student Societies of great Britain
Federation of Hellenic Societies of greater Baltimore Washington area

More projects are currently under development. Should your organization
want to join HEC as an Associate Member, or have a Hellenic project to be
sponsored by HEC, or want to help HEC as an individual, please contact

HEC Contacts:
Nicholas P. Katsepontes
HEC@greece.org  or  npklaw@corpweb.net

E-mail: HEC@Greece.org

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