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Hellenic Electronic Center Launches NEOLAIA/SCHOOLS

An Electronic Networking Project for Educators,Hellenic Schools,Youth Associations and Youth's Sub-Projects

New York, NY--September 27, 1997--The Hellenic Electronic Center ( HEC) announced today that it is launching yet another HEC project, NEOLAIA/SCHOOLS:


Its purpose, to accommodate stronger global networking amongst Hellenic youth and educators.NEOLAIA/SCHOOLS is intended to be an electronic virtual social home and classroom for the interaction of member educators, its Hellenic student members, associate-member schools; including associate-member Youth Organizations and Extra-Curricular interest Youth Groups of Hellenic influence worldwide. Focus will be on young people, Elementary, Gymnasium and Lyceum level students in Greece as well as those of Hellenic heritage in the Diaspora. HEC support will include free technical assistance on Internet and web page production, and free web space on HEC's web site.

       Topics that will be included in NEOLAIA/SCHOOLS will be:

The NEOLAIA/SCHOOLS project also aims at developing an interactive forum for EDUCATORS involved in matters of the Hellenic Language, History and Culture worldwide. This forum will enable EDUCATORS to identify major and minor problems they encounter in their field, contribute ideas and actions toward their solutions,share the wealth of one another's experience and knowledge in order to boost their creativity inside and outside of their classroom.

In SCHOOLS members will locate HEC associate-member schools of Hellenic influence in Hellas and the Diaspora. Various school projects of science, computer, art , etc; illustrations, even pictures of fellow students and teachers will be viewed within the individual school. Levels included are Demotika, Gymnaseums and Lyceums:


Youth Dance Groups, Sports Interest Groups will be among the various Hellenic associate-member YOUTH ASSOCIATIONS. Announcements and photos of Greek dance performances, festivals, recitals, contests, games and sports events will be found in YOUTH ASSOCIATIONS. This site will grow according to the different Hellenic-oriented interest youth groups that will join.

SUB-PROJECTS will aim at facilitating the creativity and the need for communication and interaction of school students of Hellenic origin worldwide, expressed through visual arts, music, creative writing and other such common activities, with the assistance and under the guidance of HEC-member educators. In SUB-PROJECTS student members will post and view each other's individual projects and artwork. Members will also have the benefit of mailing lists and chat room to use as forums to discuss each other's events, take part in competitions, activities and cultural commonalities. An exampe of a youth project is:


HEC is a non-political, non-profit organization comprised of Hellenes and Phil-Hellenes around the globe committed to utilizing their skills and interest to promote Hellenism.The HEC's many projects are found at:


In the interest of Hellenic education, history, culture and entertainment more are in the works.

Individuals, educators, groups, schools and youth organizations wishing to participate in the development of the NEOLAIA project, contribute materials or ideas, and wish to join the HEC membership, please contact HEC NEOLAIA Administration, Litsa Kyrellis-Scheiner at e-mail: Litsa55@aol.com

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