Registry of HEC Projects
1 Parthenon Marbles Awareness Campaign
Thanos Voudouris
Betty Hood, Evaggelos Vallianatos [SCOPE] The Parthenon Marbles project is an Awareness campaign organized to catalog related artifacts and encourage discussions related to the Parthenon Marbles in an effort to repatriate the Parthenon sculptures.
[PURPOSE] The purpose is to raise awareness on this important issue.
[GOAL] The goal is the return of the Parthenon Marbles to their origins.
2 Blue Skies
Thanos Voudouris
Professor Petros P. Groumpos and members: [SCOPE] (preliminary) – Members of this forum will work in creating tangible proposals (Position Paper, Research and Analysis, etc.) with recommendations and alternatives.
[GOAL] (preliminary) – Establish a Think-Tank of Hellenic minds.
[HOW]– Discuss and publish research papers and Conferences.
3 HEC Scholars Blog
Thanos Voudouris
Thanos Voudouris, Evangelos Rigos, Evangelos Valianatos, Christos Evangeliou, Anna Lawless [SCOPE] - Provide a dedicated website/blog for capturing information past and present of Hellenic interest. 2009-09-01
4 WWII German Reparations
Costas Tzanos
George C. Blytas, Ioannis Bougas, Stavros Anagnostopoulos, Stavroula Pantazopoulou, Thanos Voudouris [SCOPE] - The WWII German Reparations project is driven by a petition. At the same time, we are collecting relevant historical information as well media coverage on the subject in a dedicated website/blog.
[PURPOSE] - The purpose is to collect signatures in support of the cause and deliver to European authorities.
[GOAL] - The goal is to collect as many signatures as possible in support of payment by Germany for the owed money to Greece.
Thanos Voudouris
The project is under reconstruction.
[HISTORICAL] - Initial project has been put on hold. The scope of the project is under update and will restart in the near future upon the composition of a team. (Initial contributors: Ioannis Hatzopoulos, Thanos Voudouris)
[ABOUT] - Research and recommendations for economic growth in Greece.
[OBJECTIVE] - To offer specific suggestions and present them on HEC and other internet sites, but also organize a conference in Greece, where other scholars, businesses and government officials will be invited.
6 Πανελλήνιο Πολιτιστικό Αντάμωμα στη Θράκη - Panhellenic Cultural Event in Thraki
Stelios Manias
[SCOPE] - Μία καθαρά πολιτιστική εκδήλωση με ιδιαίτερη έμφαση στη λαογραφική διάσταση. Συντονιστής της εκδήλωσης αίνα το Ελληνικό Ηλεκτρονικό Κέντρο.
The nature of the event, for which HEC will bear the responsibility as the coordinator, it is purely cultural with an emphasis on folklore dimension.
7 Macedonia
Thanos Voudouris
Gus Stamatis [ABOUT] - Macedonia region in Northern Greece.
[SCOPE] - Research and publish historical material as well as current information about Macedonia.
[GOAL] - Raise awareness about Macedonia name and location
8 Ancient Mediterranean Ports
Dr Stamatis Skoutas
Prof. Manolis Manolarakis, Mr Manolis Karmaniolos [ABOUT] - Ancient Mediterranean Ports [SCOPE]GOAL]- 2013-06-15
9 Classic Olympics
Prof. Pantelis Georgogiannis, U of Patras
[ABOUT] - This project is a Campaign for the revival of the Classical Olympiad in Olympia, Greece.
[SCOPE]- Part of the scope includes collection of signatures through a Petition and raising the awareness of the cause. (Details: TBD)
[GOAL]- Details are TBD
10 Philosophers of the Ancient Greek World - A Hellenic Electronic Center Project
Olivera Z. Mijuskovic, Terry Dristas
Project Leaders: Olivera Z. Mijuskovic (member of HEC), Terry Dritsas (HEC EC member) Technical, Design, WebSite Admin: Thanos Voudouris, Gus Stamatis Project proposed by: Olivera Z. Mijuskovic Contributors: Thanos Voudouris, Eleni Bomis The main idea of this project is to promote the Ancient Greek Philosophy and to present it to all people worldwide, not just to professional philosophers. The Ancient Greek Philosophy is the beginning of the whole modern civilization and culture.The project is sponsored by the cultural/educational institution Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC). 2016-03-28
11 Greece in EPCOT
Lee Pashalopoulos
[ABOUT] This is a project with the goal of bringing Greece Pavillion to the EPCOT.
[SCOPE] This petition is to bring attention to Walt Disney World that Greece should be its next country added to the World Showcase.
[GOAL] Walt Disney once said "If you can dream it, you can do it!" Therefore, we are reaching out to all of you to please sign this petition and lets give Greece its rightful place in Disney's World Showcase!
12 Amphipolis - Tomb Discovery
Vagelis Vagianos
Vagelis Vagianos (management lead), Athanasios Fourlis (technical lead) , Konstantinos Kottis (article content lead) [ABOUT] - Document the new developments on the excavation of Amphipolis’ tomb at Kasta tumulus and also our own investigations on the subject. Kastas excavation awarded as the best excavation worldwide in the year 2015. Some of our research has attracted interest from famous archaeologists and historians such as the Egyptologist Andrew Chugg, Lohn Ma (Oxford), Yuri Kuzmin (Samara U.), Vladimir Stissy (Rotterdam U.), M. Lefantzis (excavation lead architect), Antonio Corso (art historian) and other scholars.
[SCOPE] - Research, investigate and publish the findings, which have already been material for academic articles and books of scholars worldwide. Engage in public conversations via social media
[GOAL] - Our goal is to continue the discoveries in Amphipolis tomb and to raise awareness of the world for the most important excavation of the last 20 years in Greece.
Registry of HEC Projects