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To continue our  important mission, HEC is asking you or your company for a sponsorship!


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The Center's Bylaws stipulate for ample recognition of the Sponsors' contribution. After mutual agreement with the Sponsor, and considering the nature and size of the contribution, HEC will permanently post information about the Sponsor on the Internet. Such exposure is proven to measure millions of people, especially Hellenes, around the world. If the Sponsor is an individual, HEC promises this world wide acknowledgment of his/her name. If the Sponsor is a private institution or firm, the worldwide exposure can be translated to increased publicity for the firm.

HEC has established four levels of monetary donations:

Level Amount Type of Acknowledgment by HEC
Supreme Benefactor $10,000+ Posting of the sponsor's home page in HEC, and assisting to create that page
Benefactor $5,000+ Posting of the sponsor's logo with links to sponsor's home page, if such page is available. The logo may contain telephone numbers and addresses. HEC will assist in making such logo if necessary
Sponsor $1,000+ Posting of the sponsor's name in a list with links to sponsor's home page, and regular updating of the links when needed
Donors/Members $100+ Posting the sponsor’s name in a recognition list on the Internet

Amounts reflect 1996 values and may change periodically to keep up with inflation. The size of the home page and its content, as well as the size of the logo has to be agreed upon between the sponsor and HEC. Regular updating of the links and the information in the logos, and home pages is guaranteed, subject to the availability of resources for HEC, of course. Non monetary contributions will be acknowledged based on the market value of the services or goods donated.

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