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To continue our  important mission, HEC is asking you or your company for a sponsorship!

Technical Project Hestia

> Proposal to IBM


1) Buy and install a new HD drive (Thanos)
Thanos boughtand installed  an 18GB HD for HEC1 ($170). Stores do not sell Ultra Fast SCSI 3, so I had to order by mail.

2) Organize HEC admin website (Thanos)
Thanos will provide to EC & DESIGN for approval an organization/navigation chart to base the web navigation scheme.
Then upon approval the website will be updated to reflect changes.

3) Buy/Install server antivirus s/w
Thanos to LSoft for allowing us to upgrade to LISTSERV 8e which includes F-Secure mail antivirus feature.

4) Organize the IIS to clean and point to new virtual dir

5) Re-direct some websites/traffic to HEC2 server
***Need a volunteer***

6) Buy/Install web mirroring s/w & mirror HEC1/HEC2
***Need a volunteer***

7) Clean up virus infected files & mail archives (Anna, Vangelis)
Anna/Vangelis are in charge of running the McAffee antivirus program daily and delete infected files.

8) Organize LISTSERV directories (Anna, Vangelis)
Clean LISTSERV lists & delete unused lists & consolidate lightly used lists

9) Backup & Disaster recovery
***Need a volunteer***

10) Budget & Accounting (Demetris, Thanos)
Thanos has been in communication with Demetri sending him all material as collected from George (previous treasurer). As soon Demetris comes back on line he will submit to EC the balance sheet.

11) Buy, and replace old server with a new one
Migration was completed 10Mar03

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