Petition: Justice For Cyprus

The following letter will be presented through the appropiate channels to:

  1. Prime Minister of Turkey,
  2. President of the United States,
  3. Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate,
  4. Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives,
  5. Presidents or Prime Ministers of the Member States of the European Union,
  6. Presidents or Prime Ministers of the U.N. Security Council Member States.

Petition: Justice For Cyprus.

On August 11, 1996, Tassos Isaac, a Cypriot national was murdered in cold blood. Tassos was beaten to death by Turkish civilians who were acting under the protection of the Turkish Army that have been illegally occupying the northern part of the Republic of Cyprus since 1974!

I demand from the Government of the Republic of Turkey to stop protecting the murderers and bring them promptly to justice.

I ask that you strongly call for the enforcement of International Law and human rights in Cyprus, as expressed by the repeated UN resolutions calling for the immediate withdrawal of the Turkish occupation forces.

Signed by all the people listed here.

If you missed signed this petition, read the facts, educate your self, and be vocal to expose the illegal occupation of Cyprus by the turks.

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