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Taste the beauty of Greece.

Background: pebble beach
The maps of  Greece (39Kb), and  Cyprus (18kb).

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More beautiful pictures are coming....  Contact me for large originals.

Minoan building and art dated prior to 1000BC. (200Kb)

 A view of Acropolis (58Kb)

Experience the beauty of Pilio on the mainland, just nort of Skiathos island. The pictures were taken during my vacation on 1993

photo1(370k), photo2(256k), photo3(410k), photo4(253k)
Spectacular view from two angles of Mylopotamos cave beach in Pilio (photo1), 2nd angle (photo2) taken from the parking lot, above the beach, looking the opposite direction. There is another beach behind the little opening of the cave you will see in photo2!
The other two photos are also taken in Agios Giannhs, Pilio.

 A boat squeezes through the narrows of Peloponnesous (left) and Poros island (right) on its voyage to Athens. (125Kb)

 A traditional style fishing troller, just returned from a typical all-night fishing expedition, is mourned in Mytilini harbor. In the background, the old Great Brittania hotel and people get ready to enjoy a new day under the sun. (118Kb)

 An Award winning photo published in Traveler Magazine.

As many believe, the lost continent Atlantis lies beneath the waters of Santorini. (~60Kb ea)

 Serifos island, unspoiled beauty close to Attic peninsula. (74kb)

 Kavala, the most important port/city in north Aegean. (190kb)

 Beautiful beaches souround the island of Thassos. (271kb)

 Evzon in front of the Tomb of Uknown Soldier in Athens. (65k)

More beautiful pictures from Angie's Gallery!

 From a Porky's Party. A yearly event of HELLAS list members. (99Kb)

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