Aristotle is a HEC project to organizing the Hellenic Student Associations of the universities around the world into Worldwide Hellenic Student Associations (WHSA) .
The project started in February 1997, and at this moment we are getting organized by establishing committees and departments to taking over some of the tasks that have been identified.

Suggestions, volunteers are welcomed.

On-line Progress Report, 30 September, 1997

1. University Participation

2. Communications/Technical

3. Member Data Base:

4. Brainstorming:

Brainstorming Ideas passed through the discussions so far:

5. Search/Locate/Recruite new HSAs (by geographical area)

  1. Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia: Sotiria Nikolakis-Hamilton
  2. San Francisco & Sacramento: Alex Aliferis
  3. New York City: Minas Efthimiou
  4. Warwick, UK: Ioanna Dandolos
  5. **NEED volunteers for other locations***

    6. FAQ:

    • Group Leader:
    • Volunteers: **NEED Help here***
    • Actions:
      1. Develop and maintain an FAQ for WHSA

    7. Marketing, Promotion, Press

    • Group Leader: Nikos Ipiotis
    • Volunteers: **NEED Help here***
    • Actions:
      • Prepare a one page brochure for distribution on public occasions.
      • Prepare a PRESS release about our project and send it to student related publications, newspapers, magazines and any other Hellenic distribution centers.
      • Contact the Greek Dept of Education.
      • Promote awareness to the outside world about Greek opinion.

    8. Volunteers needed in these HEC projects:

    1. Neolaia
    2. Alexandria

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