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Nikolaos K. Martis

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Nikolaos K. Martis

Nikolaos K. Martis was born in the village Moustheni of Mount Pangaio, of the Kavala prefecture. Having studied Law at the University of Thessaloniki, he worked at first as a lawyer in Kavala and then, from 1961 on, in Athens. He served in the Hellenic Army as a reserve Artillery Officer for seven years, and took part in the battle along the Macedonian fortified border positions during the German invasion of 1941. He then escaped almost immediately, via Mount Athos and the Aegean islands, to Turkey, and from there to Egypt, to continue fighting on the side our the Allies, during the occupation of Greece by the Axis powers. He joined the first military mission in June 1941, as soon as the first Greek Military Unit was set up in the Middle East. He also took part in: • the Battle of El Alamein with the 1st Greek Brigade; • the Battle of Rimini with the 3rd Mountain Brigade; and • the Battle of Athens (December 1944) with the Rimini Brigade. He stood for Parliament and was repeatedly elected in 1951, 1956, 1958, 1961, 1963, 1974, and 1977. He has served as Secretary General of the Ministry of Northern Greece (Oct. 1955 - Jan. 1956); Undersecretary for Trade (1956-8); Minister for Industry (1958-61); and Minister for Northern Greece (1974-81).

His writings include:
1. The Falsification of Macedonian History (1981). A book which is in its 6th edition and has been translated into 7 languages.
2. Build... Build... Build... (in Greek; 1990), a study of Greece's economic growth in 1955-63, under the administration of Constantine Karamanlis, when:
i) The Greek currency (drachma) was one of the 4 strongest currencies in the world,
ii) Greece had the lowest inflation rate in Europe (2.1%) on the average over the eight-year period.
iii) With an annual rate of development of 5.8% over the eight-year period, Greece was second only to Japan 7.5%.
iv) Greece had a budget with surplus.
3. “Macedonia”, with 23 pages of text and 92 pages of documents. The entire book has been placed on the Internet by the Hellenic Institute:
4. Alexander the Great: A National Precursor of Christ
5. Letter to Jacques Santer, President of the EU Commission
6. Letter to the Foreign Minister of Finland Acting EU President Mr. Erki Touamioya
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