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Bibliographia - Bibliography

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1. George C.Blytas. The First Victory, Greece in the Second World War: Athens, 2010 COSMOS PUBLISHING, New Jersey, and The American Hellenic Foundation, Washington, DC, 2010.

2. Nikos Kazantzakis et al. Ekthesis Tis Kentrikis Epitropis  Diapistoseos Omotiton en Kriti [ Report by the United Nations Central Committee for the Determination of Atrocities in Crete] (Irakleio: A Township Publication, 1983]

3. Konstantinos Doxiadis. Oi Thysies tis Ellados ston Deftero Pangosmio Polemo[ The Sacrifices of Greece in the Second World War]. Athens: Ministry of Reconstruction, 1946.

4. Mark Mazower. Inside Hitler's Greece, The Experience of the Occupation 1941-1944, New Haven and London: Yale University press, 1993.

5.- Η Μαύρη Βἰβλος της Κατοχής - Schwarzbuch der Besatzung - Αθήναι 2006

6.- Ελληνικά Ολοκαυτώματα 1940-1945 Δίκτυο Μαρτυρικών Πόλεων και Χωρίων της Ελλάδας περιόδου 1940-1945
Εκδοτικός Οργανισμός Λιβανι -Αθήναι 2010

7.-70 Χρόνια από τη μἀχη της Κρήτης - Ελευθεροτυπία -Αθήναι  Μάιος 2011

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