Accomplishments 2008


HEC Accomplishments 2008

1.- HEC created a site of information about the Hellenic culture, History and language with

60,000 hits per day (21.6 M per year)
6,000 visitors per day (2.2 M per year)

2.- A Hellenic Network with 35.500 members and 10.000/60,000 letters per month

by George Horton

In co-operation with Ahepa-Athens, HEC published the autobiography of George Horton. This book is available at, Eleftheroudakis, Ianos and the HEC bookstore

4.- Created a home page for George Horton where we accumulate all the archives of this great Philhellene.

5.- Created a home page for OXI DAY

6.- Supported the petition to save DIOLKOS


a.- In support of the Hellenic History, 25 letters were submitted to newspapers, media forums, members of the Greek Parliament, Members of the Cyprus Parliament, EU and UN.

b.- 133 letters were delivered by organizations and individuals to :

i 319 members of the Greek Parliament
ii 60 members of the Cyprus Parliament
iii 167 members of Greek Media

c.- 15 letters were delivered to 449 members of the European Parliament

d.- 12 letters were delivered to 131 members of the United Nations