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From past  experience to new approaches and synergies:  the Future of Protection Heritage Management for Archaeological Heritage in Times of Economic Crisis

Athens       New Acropolis Museum     23-25 May 2012

Dear Colleagues.

We are organizing a regional conference on the future and new challenges facing the Protection Management of Archaeological Heritage.
The scope of this conference  is to present and use past experience with a view to contribute as a think tank to new ways of managing the protection and preservation of our archaeological heritage in times of economic crisis. The challenges are now greater than ever, as the cultural society needs to regroup its forces, reinforce its role, create new synergies and undertake fresh initiatives in order to maintain standards and offer sustainable solutions. The conference will function as a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas by all professionals involved in protection management in these difficult times.
As there are many sectors of occupation which play an important role in protection management and which face serious challenges and threats in the present days but also in view of the future, we have identified 15  topics for distinctive panel  discussions during the conference sessions.
We believe that bringing together and publishing expert opinion and experience in various fields, in regards to preoccupations and possible solutions concerning the future in Protection Heritage Management, in times of economic crisis, will accumulate food for thought and reference on the one side and on the other shall stimulate closer and better collaboration possibilities.  The fortieth anniversary of the World Heritage Convention is a momentum that should trigger new inspiration and instigate creativity for a stronger and broader framework of protection for our cultural heritage.
Furthermore, as Greece belongs to the ICAHM South- East Mediterranean Region, a special session will be dedicated to this area and the grave difficulties it faces.
You are cordially invited to submit your abstract by February 29.

On behalf of ICOMOS Hellenic
Dr. Elena Korka, archaeologist
Director, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Antique Shops and Private Archaeological Collections
Vice-president for S E Mediterranean Region ICAHM

Abstracts shall first specify the topic selected according to the Topic Index and then state the title. They must form clear statements of the presentation which will be delivered at the conference. Τhey shall be uploaded on the ICOMOS  Hellenic web-site and circulated during the conference.
Abstracts must be in English and should not exceed 500 words (without pictures). The headings should be in Times New Roman 14, bold, with the text centered in Times New Roman 12,with 1,5 spacing.
Submission deadline is February 29,  2012.
Confirmation of acceptance shall be sent by March 15,  2012.
Presentations shall strictly be limited to 15 minutes.
At the end of the conference a CD shall be given by each speaker to the secretariat with text of presentation and a maximum of 5 pictures. All texts will be uploaded on the ICOMOS Hellenic site. For this reason please follow the instruction referring to the style and formatting of the texts: The first order headings should be in Times New Roman 14, bold upper/lower letters, with the text in Times New Roman 1, 1,5 spacing.
References should be listed at the end of the entry, which can also include general resources that a reader could use to locate further information. Depending on your entry type, please provide the appropriate number of references, pointing the reader towards key literature only, such as relevant articles in journals and important web sites. Within the text, please cite references as name year, e.g., [Smith 2009]. Please provide the full information of each reference and use Antiquity style for all references. Please do not use passim, op. Cit, ibid. or vague page ranges, e.g. 283f and 283ff.
References in the text
Example text citations Type of reference     Text citation    Notes
Single author    (Grayson 1983: 10)   
Two authors    (Grayson & Evans 2010)   
Three or more authors    (Grayson et al. 2009)   
More than one work by same author    (Grayson 1983, 2009)   
More than one work by same author and same year    (Grayson 1983a & b)   
More than one work by different authors     (Grayson 1983; Evans 2009)     In date order
More than one work by one author and different authors     (Grayson 1983, 2009; Evans 2009)     In date order
Personal communication    pers. comm.   
Classical or historical author    Bede (HE I.15; Colgrave & Mynors 1969) Pausanias (Description of Greece 3.19.7; Jones 1931)     See note below under citing Classical and historical sources

Please ensure that all references cited in the text are included in the bibliography.
References in the bibliography
Full references should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper. For detailed guidance please see the example references below. References with the same first author should be given in the following order:
HAWKES, J. 1991a - 1991b [use alphabetical suffixes for publications by the same author in one year] - 2000 [Single author: in date order]
HAWKES, J. & M. CARVER. 2003 HAWKES, J. & D. SMITH. 1999 [Two authors: second author name alphabetical order by surname NOT date order]
HAWKES, J., D. SMITH & M. CARVER. 1980 HAWKES, J., P. BAYNES & M. CARVER. 1989 [Three or more authors: since this will be 'Hawkes et al.' in the text, it should go in date order].
Author names should be given in SMALL CAPS. If you are unable to submit using SMALL CAPS please use normal text. Please do not use standard capitals.

Reference to Classical or historic authors:
Since we do not have a separate reference list of primary sources, refer to the Classical author in the text, then bracket with the work in italics, then chapter, section, line, verse etc. following standard conventions, followed by semi-colon and then editor/translator of the work and the edition consulted. For example:
'Horace (Odes 4.1.1-4; Rudd 2004) says...'.
'Pausanias (Description of Greece 3.19.7 and 3.22.6; Jones 1931) says...'.
'Bede (HistoriaEcclesiasticaI.15; Colgrave&Mynors 1969) refers to...'.
Common shorthand titles are acceptable, e.g. HistoriaEcclesiasticamay be abbreviated to HE.
If an author wrote only one work, Herodotus 9.1 rather than Herodotus, Histories 9.1 is acceptable.
For Classics, standard abbreviations are listed at the front of the Oxford Classical Dictionary.
Please ensure that all references listed in the bibliography are cited in the text.

Environmental harmonization

Survey and remote sensor monitoring. Buffer zones

Management best practices in sustainability

Management/ Action plans

Risk mitigation and confrontation (natural and man –provoked risks, threats and disasters)

Research in conservation and preservation technologies

Shelter protection

Conservation and restoration coordination

Site use

Illicit excavation and trafficking. Metal detector use

Protection of movable finds and collections

International charters and conventions- implementation analysis and evaluation

Education and communication.  New technologies

Preservation of intangible heritage in sites and monuments.

Capacity building for S E Mediterranean region

Heritage, Economy and Development


The conference shall be carried out fully in English as no translation is offered.

It will absorb two days and a half with the possibility of many guided site visits.

There shall be a participation and attendance fee ( students 70€, ICOMOS members 170€,
non- ICOMOS members 220€)

The conference will be promoted through the official website of ICOMOS Hellenic, where all the info of the conference will be displayed, together with the abstracts of the participants.

A travel agency is suggested concerning special packages for travel, accommodation, food, localities, main monuments and other useful details:  

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We cordially invite you to participate as speaker or attendant.

For more information regarding organizational details (program, papers, invitation letter, etc.)                   

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