• Poseidon is the guarantor of safe and successful sea voyages, and dolphins as well as horses (he is held to have instituted horses racing) are sacred to him.

  • As a god Poseidon is though quarrelsome and quick to anger, and with his three-pronged trident - symbol of his sovereignty and a traditional emblem of sea power - not only whips up the sea but also triggers earthquakes. Together with Apollo he built the walls of Troy, but when left unrewarded sided instead with the confederated Greeks in the 10-year war which led to utter destruction of that city after Helen, the daughter of Zeus and Leda and the wife of Menelaos king of Sparta, had eloped with Paris.

  • Eager also for earthly kingdoms, the sea god Poseidon once unsuccessfully laid claim to possession of Attica by thrusting his trident deep into the Acropolis. He also tried, and failed, to wrest the island of Aegina from Zeus and the island of Naxos from Dionysus. In a dispute with Helius over Corinth, he was awarded just the Isthmus which became the centre of the cult of Poseidon, with the "Isthmia" celebrations traditionally its high point.

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  • In modern times, the shipping exhibition POSIDONIA, held in Piraeus every two years, has taken the place of the "Isthmia" celebrations and has become a focal point for the international maritime community, which gathers in Greece to pay tribute to the size and power of the Greek shipping industry.

  • Posidonia started out in 1965 and was held for the first time in 1969 in the Zappeion Hall in Athens, was repeated in 1970, and has been held every two years since then. Since 1976 it has taken place in the Piraeus Exhibition Centre. It is an exhibition which presents in the most eloquent manner the uniqueness of the Hellenic maritime tradition, the creativeness of the Hellenic shipping spirit and, in parallel, shipping's pronounced international character.

  • Posidonia is an event where the latest developments of contemporary technology are on display from all maritime sectors, as well as a place where banks, insurance companies and providers of all sorts of business services to shipping are present meeting their clients and each other. It has become an institution which promotes the achievements of the Greek shipping industry and is the most important meeting point for the maritime community worldwide.

  • The exhibition opens on the first Monday of June in even-number years and for five days, and admission is by invitation only.

  • 1,428 participating companies from 52 countries
  • 19 countries had National Stands
  • 160 Greek companies
  • A total of 24,700 shipping people
  • Nearly 10,000 visitors from outside of Greece
  • Strong delegations from the UK, US, Cyprus, China and Turkey used the event to put their countries' views
  • 152 Greek and foreign journalists registered at the Press Office
  • Four international maritime conferences held at the same time
  • Representatives of a Greek-controlled fleet of 120m dwt and growing
  • Scores of exhibitors who quickly reserved stands for Posidonia 96, among them the US which requested 70% more space
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  • Major operator negotiated contract for three containership newbuildings
  • Japanese exhibitors went away with "200 agreements"
  • Vecom scored 30 contracts
  • Kelvin Hughes, Essex Governor Services, Harris Pye, World Trade Network, Miba Gleitlager,Vosper Thornycroft, JP Chemicals.......some of the exhibitors who left with important business in the briefcase
  • Austrade left with 10 strong prospects
  • Presented scores of new products and services
  • ABS, DNV and Lloyd's Register introduced new classification services
  • Drew Ameroid Marine, York Marine Systems and Mobil Oil Alliance signed an agreement to jointly provide shipboard services
  • Attended over 100 VIP receptions
  • The June 1994 Posidonia was a record-breaking event as can be seen from the facts presented above. And Posidonia 96 is already well on the way to being even bigger. It is hardly surprising that 90% of exhibitors return time and time again, bidding to secure or retain a slice of the business which keeps Greek and world shipping financed, insured, crewed, equipped, maintained and serviced.

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    From its inception more than a quarter of a century ago, Posidonia has enjoyed the wholehearted support of Greece's vibrant shipping industry and the number of Greek-based participants in the exhibition has continually increased.

    Official sponsors
    of the June 3-7
    Posidonia 96
    the 15th of
    biennial events

  • Greek Ministry of Mercantile Marine,
  • The Municipality of Piraeus,
  • Hellenic Chamber of Shipping
  • .. and the five major associations representing Greek shipowners' interests,

  • Union of Greek Shipowners,
  • Greek Shipping Co-Operation Committee,
  • Mediterranean Cargo Vessels' Shipowners,
  • Greek Shipowners Association for Passenger Ships
  • Greek Coastal Passengership Owners Association.

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    Themistocles Vokos - Chairman

    Nana Michael - Managing Director

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