Ogygus or Ogyges was believed to be the first indigenous King to Attica and Boeotia which were called "Ogygia" after him. "Ogygiae Pylae" in Thebae were called after him, as well. Because he lived in the remotest past Hellenes used to call the ancient things "Ogygia". People of Attica (Pelasgeans) called him "The Son Of Earth" which indicates that he was indigenous and people did not know who his parents were. He was well known among Hellenes because the first deluge in Hellas occurred during his reign. That flood destroyed both Attica and Boeotia and the people who survived had to leave for other places. Ogygus was believed to have emigrated to Egypt since it was also called "Ogygia" like Attica and Boeotea.

According to the Hellenic Tradition the Ogygius Flood took place when Foronaeus -Inachus' son- ruled in Argos. Pausanias, in "Corinthiaca", says that Foronaeus was considered to be one of the pre-prehistoric Hellenes who had gathered people in communities while until then they used to live a semi-wild life. The information that has been saved about Ogygus and Foronaeus come from the Mycenean Epic "Foronis" -the most ancient Hellenic Epic which, unfortunately, has been lost.

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