The Lemon Tree Forest ("Lemonodasos")

The Lemon Tree Forest, one of the many tourist attractions on Poros, has been the inspiration for many poets and authors. Diagonally across from the center of Poros, the Lemon Tree Forest lies on the mountainside of "Aderes," and it is a must for the tourist. As the title suggests this a (dense) forest exclusively of lemon trees, not too far from one of the most beautiful beaches in the surrounding area (Aliki Beach). As the visitor approaches the forest he/she is overcome by the strong and refreshing smell of the lemon trees. A small but traditional taverna (Kardasis) welcomes the visitor who can listen to the sounds of natural running water and enjoy a freshly squeezed lemonade while watching Poros unfold below. The elevation at which the taverna is located, almost half way up the forest, offers one of the most beautiful views of Poros and its surrounding areas. As a matter of fact, on a clear afternoon one can even see the island of Aegina.

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