AGATHONISI is another small island which belongs to the Province of Kalymnos and is 36 nautical miles east of Patmos, about 2 hours and 30 minutes by boat.

It is very near the coast of Asia Minor.

Agathonisi means the fools' island or the island of the good hearted people, so the name alone predisposes the visitor to understand that this is a very peaceful and good-natured island. It is an ideal place to feel secluded and far away from everything and everyone, as indeed you are, since regular boat communication with Patmos is only twice a week.

The inhabitants are mainly fishermen.

If you plan to stay, there are about 40 rented rooms on the island which one can book.

A useful phone number is that of the island's public community 0247-23791.

So should you feel like exploring these small Hellenic islands you will indeed feel you have entered another world.

by Lelia Mitsides
Copyright: Hellenic Electronic Center
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