Thank you  for the Proclamation
in Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary
of the Asia Minor Hellenic Genocide.

To      :  Governor of New York State, George E. Pataki
cc       :  US Governors

Dear Governor Pataki,

   Those of us of Hellenic, Armenian, Assyrian ancestry, and Eastern Orthodox faith, as well as those of us who believe in the democratic principles of human rights and historical accuracy would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for the recent proclamation that acknowledged the Genocide of the Hellenic population of Asia Minor. As Americans of Eastern Christian background we are truly aware of the horrific consequences of fanaticism and hatred. The proclamation is particularly welcome at a time when our country is waging a war for freedom against terror and mass murder.

   As Americans of Hellenic, Armenian, and Assyrian descent, we were appalled and horrified by the September 11 attacks on America. The fanatical and murderous stance of Osama Bin Laden recalls the hateful attitude of Mustapha Kemal who's forces burned the beautiful city of Smyrna and slaughtered the Christian populations. ''It is a sign that Turkey is purged of the traitors, the Christians, and the foreigners, and that Turkey is for the Turks", is the declaration of Mustapha Kemal.

   In a letter to the State Department dated September 27, 1922 American Consul General to Smyrna George Horton wrote, "I wish to repeat the consistant policy of the Turk, since the fall of Abdul Hamid, has been the expulsion, killing, and elimination of the Christian races". Consul Horton described the atrocities directed against the Christian populations:

   "After the great fire, as a result of which the whole Christian population was forced upon the quay where it remained for days stretching its hands to the battleships in the harbor, screaming and pleading for help and dying of hunger and thirst, the conduct of the Turks was abominable. Miss Emily MacCullam, director of the Girls school in Smyrna, who returned from that city this morning, says that there are still great throngs of these miserable creatures on the quay and along the seashore, without water and without food and dying, and that the stench of these dead bodies is terrible. There are still two hundred thousand waiting on the quay to be taken off. It has been announced that all of the men from eighteen to forty-five years of age are to be taken as prisoners of war and marched into the interior, and she saw, corroborating statements by others recently from Smyrna, large bands of men being marched away by Turkish guards".

   Consul Horton left behind numerous first hand accounts regarding the Genocide that was perpetrated against the Greeks, and worked fervently to protect the lives of Greek and Armenian Christian refugees.
Consul Horton represented the idealism, justice, and compassion of America. The recent proclamation in the State of New York is a continuation of Consul Horton's determination to make known that the Hellenic population of Asia Minor was deliberately and intentionally targeted for extermination.

   "EXTERMINATION TURKS AIM" declared the NY Times in describing the Kemalist policy towards the Greeks of Asia Minor on its front page on August 5, 1922, one month before the burning of Smyrna. Yet, years before the culmination of the Hellenic Genocide in 1922, Turkish leaders were intent on eradicating the Hellenic populations of Asia Minor. In 1920, journalist Herbert Addams Gibbons recounted the massacres of Greeks in May 1919, "The Turks had taken with them all wealthy Greeks and most of the Greek women and girls. Thousands of dead in the streets and the fields and along the roads met the eyes of Greek (liberating) soldiers".

In 1924, Edward Hale Bierstadt published his book "The Great Betrayal" which documented the Genocide of the Hellenic population. Massacres, expulsions, deportations, and death
marches are all vividly described in this book which documents in extensive detail the Turkish attempts to eradicate Hellenism from the soil of Asia Minor. Further documentation of the
Hellenic Genocide exists in the memoirs of American Ambassador Henry Morgenthau's, "I was sent to Athens" (1929) and Consul Horton's own, "The Blight of Asia" (1926).

   Even when the slaughter of Hellenic civilians ceased, Mustapha Kemal presided over the further ethnic cleansing of Hellenism.
As Winston Churchill wrote in his six volume set, "The World in Crisis",Turkey lost a great mass of citizens who had for centuries played a vital part in the economic life of every Turkish village and township. Smyrna and portions of its littoral had been populated extensively by Greeks for thousands of years. It's prosperity was largely attributable to their intelligence and to their industry and agriculture". The New York Times noted on January 11, 1923:"In the name of peace and justice 1,000,000 men, women, and children are to be torn from their homes and forcibly taken to other lands".

   Governor, congratulations on the proclamation regarding the Hellenic victims of Turkey's Genocide. This proclamation reflects the openness of America and the American love of truth and justice. This unconditional recognition of historic truth indifferent to the advocates of censorship and revisionism elsewhere, is a proud moment for America. America is at war today against an enemy who's ruthlessness and cruelty is similar to that of the Turkish leadership of 1922. We are thankful and grateful for the proclamation.


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