To: Governor and First Lady of Alabama
From: Roberto Lopes, São Paulo, Brazil
Date: 30.Aug.2001

URGENT: Please, don't let the Turkish government MISLEAD your people.

Dear Governor and First Lady of the State of Alabama, USA,

My name is Roberto Lopes. I am not a US citizen. I am Brazilian. I am not
Greek nor Turk and not even descendant of either nation. I am just a
person who values justice and realizes that everything depends on it.

I would like to ask you to, please, consider some essential facts that have
been certainly hidden from you by the Turks that are trying to mislead you
and the entire people of Alabama to support and cover up a GENOCIDE.

Before anything else, please, consider what a member of the government
of your country had to say about the Greek Genocide and Mustafa Kemal:

        "Enough has been said, however, to convince the reader that the
        extermination of the Christians of Turkey was an organized butchery,
        carried out on a great scale, and well under way before the Greeks
        were sent to Smyrna. We have seen it in operation in the days of
        Abdul Hamid, "the butcher," we have seen it more fully developed and
        better organized under Talaat and Enver, those statesmen of the
        "Constitution." We shall behold it carried out to its dire finish by
        Mustapha Khemal, the "George Washington" of Turkey."

        George Horton, 1926 - For 30 years Consul and Consul-General of
        the USA in the Near East, an eyewitness of the Greek Genocide.

Some essential historical facts (easily proven in an irrefutable manner)
that the people of Alabama needs to know and will eventually know:

        - Greece didn't invade anything.

        - Greece tried to save its own population of an ongoing GENOCIDE.

        - Greece was not defeated by Turkey but by France and Italy, which
        supported the massacre of a people to protect commercial interests.

        - The defeat of Greece allowed the Turkish government to
        continue the Genocide not only of the Greeks but also of the
        Armenians and Assyrians.

        - The Turkish government provides RIGHT NOW more proofs to the
        whole world of their previous crimes against humanity.

A short description of the Genocide of the Greeks.

In 1919, Greece liberated a part of its own territory and a LARGE part of
its own population that had not been liberated in the fight for freedom of
1821. For instance, the MAJORITY of the population of Smyrna (West of
the present Turkish territory) and also Pontos (North) was Greek.

After liberating Smyrna and its surrounding area peacefully, Greece had to
attack Turkey because those Greeks still under the misrule of the Turks
were being systematically TORTURED and MASSACRED. Also were victims
of the same extermination effort of the Turkish government the Armenians
and Assyrians, who were equally saved by the Greek Army.

        A related statement from US Consul General George Horton:

        "This process of extermination was carried on over a considerable
        period of time, with fixed purpose, with system, and with painstaking
        minute details; and it was accomplished with unspeakable cruelties,
        causing the destruction of a greater number of human beings than
        have suffered in any similar persecution since the coming of Christ."

        George Horton, 1926

The Genocide of the Greeks was already underway many years before the
BEGINNING of the World War I. Initially, the Turks had the support and
encouragement of Germany to exterminate the Greeks (and also the
Armenians and Assyrians) since the Greeks were in the way of the
Germans for their plans to dominate the entire region.

The Greek Genocide was INTENSIFIED during the World War I, which
provided political excuses and a cover up to the Turkish government to
torture with unimaginable cruelty and then kill several hundreds of
thousands of Greek children, men and women of ALL AGES.

After the end of the World War I, in which the Germans and Turks were
defeated with an important participation of the Greek Armed Forces, which
fought along side the US Armed Forces, the Turks saw the extermination
of the Greeks not only as a way to get rid of them and to STEAL all their
belongings but also as a way to push Greece to a war against Turkey.

        A related statement from another important witness from the USA:

        "The Turks knew that these deportations would precipitate a war with
        Greece; in fact, they welcomed such a war and were preparing for it.
        So enthusiastic were the Turkish people that they had raised money
        by popular subscription and bad purchased a Brazilian dreadnaught
        which was then under construction in England."

        Henry Morgenthau, 1918 - Ambassador of the USA in Turkey.

The Turkish government underestimated the capacity of Greece to fight to
save their compatriots (and also the Armenians and Assyrians) and
thought that with the war provoked by the ongoing Genocide of the Greeks
Turkey would recover territories liberated previously by Greece. The Greeks
could fight much harder than than the Turks expected and were at about
to win the war and finally put an end to the Greek Genocide.

In the same way that in 1940 the Italian dictators thought they could
obtain a quick victory over Greece (which once again had a MUCH smaller
population than its enemies), Turkey was surprised by the brave and
efficient fight of the Greeks. The Greeks were fighting for their nation and
for the millions of children, men and women who could still be saved.

        Another statement from US Ambassador Henry Morgenthau:

        "The Armenians are not the only subject people in Turkey which have
        suffered from this policy of making Turkey exclusively the country of
        the Turks. The story which I have told about the Armenians I could
        also tell with certain modifications about the Greeks and the Syrians.
        Indeed the Greeks were the first victims of this nationalizing idea."

In the same way that Italy had to require the help of Germany and also
Bulgaria to defeat Greece in 1940, Turkey in the war of 1919-1922 had to
be supported by France and Italy and to some extent by the Russians too.
Greece was not defeated by Turkey but by France and Italy. They
supported the criminal forces of Mustafa Kemal in all ways they could,
including giving the Turks strategic weapons like planes and tanks.

France and Italy preferred a weak Turkey that they could easily manipulate
just like Germany had already manipulated for many years than the strong
competition of Greece, which was quickly becoming a powerful nation just
a few years after part of its territory and part of its population had been
freed from 400 years of the cruel Turkish occupation and slavery.

The support given by France and Italy to Turkey meant total freedom to
the Turks to continue the Genocide of the Greeks and also the Genocides
of the Armenians and Assyrians who would also have been saved by the
Greek Army. Millions of persons were tortured and massacred to protect
the economical interests of those corrupt governments.

Those facts were documented in detail by several sources of several
nations, including the USA. Those facts are IRREFUTABLE.

It's as clear as the Genocides perpetrated by the Nazis in the World War
II that the Genocide of the Greeks of Pontos, Asia Minor, Eastern Thrace,
Constantinople and Imvros and Tenedos was and STILL IS a planned and
systematic effort to exterminate all Greeks Turkey can reach.

The Turkish government never stopped giving the world more proofs of the
Greek Genocide. We can see RIGHT NOW in Cyprus how the total impunity
for the Greek Genocide allowed the Turks once again to invade, torture
and massacre thousands of Greeks. We can see the same in Imvros.

Please, do not INSULT the entire humanity by praising a criminal who will
soon be known in the whole world as the precursor of Adolf Hitler. Please,
consider the endless and irrefutable facts that show how the Turkish
government treated and still treats everyone else who's not Turkish.

Please, base your decision on the FACTS and not on false WORDS.

The Turks are trying to mislead you to associate the name of the State of
Alabama and its people to efforts to try to deny or at least minimize some
of the most hideous crimes of the entire human History:

        - The Armenian Genocide (about 2.000.000 persons massacred)

        - The Assyrian Genocide (at least 750.000 persons massacred)

        - The Hellenic (Greek) Genocide (about 1.750.000 persons massacred)

This work shows a small part of the documentation already available
about the Genocide of the Greeks and will show much more soon:

        The Hellenic Genocide
        Quotes from historical documents and related Photos.

There you can find many more statements from several witnesses of the
Genocide of the Greeks. Here's another statement from George Horton:

        "The conduct of the Greeks toward the thousands of Turks residing in
        Greece, while the ferocious massacres were going on, and while
        Smyrna was being burned and refugees, wounded, outraged and
        ruined, were pouring into every port of Hellas, was one of the most
        inspiring and beautiful chapters in all that country´s history. There
        were no reprisals. The Turks living in Greece were in no wise
        molested, nor did any storm of hatred or revenge burst upon their
        heads. This is a great and beautiful victory that, in its own way, rises
        to the level of Marathon and Salamis."

        George Horton

Please, don't let your State become an instrument of dissemination of lies.

Thank you very much for your attention. I am at your disposal to clarify
any doubts you might have or to suggest a detailed bibliography.

Best wishes,

Roberto Lopes.
São Paulo, Brazil.

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