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On November 11, 2002 the United Nations Secretary General, supported by the United States and Great Britain put forward a framework solution (Annan Plan) to re-unify Cyprus. This framework was later (December 2002) modified and handed to the representatives of the two Cypriot Communities for consideration.

The Annan plan aims to set forth a solution following a so-called “middle road” between the positions of G/Cypriot side (victims of the ongoing occupation) and those of Mr. Denktash (who represents the policies of the political-military circles of Ankara, the perpetrators of the 29 year old invasion and occupation of Cyprus). The plan at large does not take into account relevant UN Cyprus resolutions, internationally recognised principles and laws, EU principles and Aqui Communitaire.

The Annan Plan has attempted to minimize the status of the Republic of Cyprus, which enjoys international recognition as the sole legal authority over the whole of Cyprus, by failing to take into consideration that the conflict is itself fuelled by the illegal occupation by Turkish forces of a substantial portion of Cyprus.

We express our very strong reservations about the functionality of this plan, but more importantly, we declare that the rationale upon which it is based violates the very resolutions that the UN has passed since 1974, as well as a number of international conventions.

Consequently, we demand that this plan be reworked and changed in compliance with the UN Charter, the Geneva Convention and UN resolutions on Cyprus, as well as the High Level agreements between the two Cyprus Communities and the principles of the EU. This will lead to a re-unified Cyprus with a truly Federal structure that will guarantee one international legal personality, one indivisible sovereignty and one sole nationality, which should be the legal continuation of the only internationally recognised authority “The Republic of Cyprus”. Such a solution should guarantee the withdrawal of the occupation forces and the illegal settlers, the respect of Human Rights and basic freedoms for all the legal citizens of Cyprus and in particular, should guarantee exercise of the rights to property, movement and settlement.

Cyprus accession to the EU, in contrast, in accordance with the decision of the EU Copenhagen summit offers an alternative opportunity for Greek and Turkish Cypriots through a re-unified Cyprus as prescribed above, to enjoy the same rights, freedoms and opportunities as other citizens of Europe.

This new political and economic reality has been recognised by the unprecedented uprising of the genuine T/Cypriots who have rallied in thousands demanding the resignation of the intransigent Denktash regime, the re-unification of the island and the finding of a truly Federal solution that will allow to Turkish-Cypriots to engage the EU in partnership with Greek-Cypriots.

WE appeal to the T/Cypriots to continue their struggle in forging an alternative partnership based on EU laws and the UN Cyprus resolutions, instead of imperiling their EU aspirations by acquiescing to the demands of Mr. Denktash.

We equally demand that the EU take into consideration its own founding principles and laws prior to entering into any accession talks with the regime in Ankara. Any future consideration of Turkey must be underlined by true democracy, freedom of speech and expression, respect of the rights of ethnic & religious minorities, adoption of fiscal responsibility and transparency, and civilian control of the military in Turkey. We agree with the assertion of the new Turkish Foreign Minister that the continuation of intransigent policies over Cyprus is making Turkey an occupying force on EU territory. And as such this occupation must be terminated, while unequivocal respect sould be accorded to the UN resolutions on Cyprus and to EU principles, rules and decisions leading to a solution this long-lasting problem.

Finally, we encourage the government of the United States of America to refrain from granding further financial and military assistance to the regime in Ankara, as well as any political/diplomatic assistance to Turkey in its demands to accede to the EU until it is in full compliance with EU laws and democratic principles identical to those that American citizens enjoy, and until it complies with the EU Helsinki summit principles requiring an end to the occupation together with a just, viable, workable, and long-lasting solution to the Cyprus problem.


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