A project with the cooperation of HEC and EKA

The HEC Hellenic Alexandria Project aims to highlight the Hellenic cultural presence which Alexandria, Egypt has always known. This city, founded by Alexander the Great, was home for generations to Greek scholars, philosophers and artists, where a cosmopolitan Hellenic community thrived.

The Hellenic Electronic Center and the Hellenic Community of Alexandria would like to pay homage to this past, honour its present and promote the future of Hellenic Alexandria.

Over recent years there has been a positive stream of information and a growing interest in the Hellenic and Hellenistic past in Egypt to which we here pay tribute:

in attempts to discover the tomb of Alexander the Great,

in the construction of a new and impressive Alexandrian Library on the site of the ancient Ptolemaic Library,

in the underwater excavations of Ptolemaic remains in the port of Alexandria, near the site of the ancient Pharos of Alexandria.

This is not only an honour for all Hellenes, but a unique opportunity of which we should take advantage.

This project came about when the Hellenic Community of Alexandria, (EKA), approached HEC seeking to promote the idea of the establishment in AlER THE GREAT CENTRE OF POST-GRADUATE STUDIES AND RESEARCH.

EKA is offering superb neo-classical buildings in the grounds of the last Greek Quarter of Alexandria to house the Centre. These buildings, now standing almost empty, are a monument to the great Hellenic past and a constant reminder of the danger of its extinction.

The establishment of a Centre of Study and Research will breathe new life into the Hellenic presence in Alexandria, strengthening ties and encouraging cultural exchange between Greece and Egypt, in our effort to ensure that this great Hellenic past has a shining future.