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The Pylos Combat Agate

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Here you will find the actual documents related to three Memorandums for the financial crisis in Greece.

In Memory of Prof. Nicholas (Kaloy) Kalogeropoulos

The time comes when sorrow overwhelms the emotions as does the time when the Ferryman exacts his fee, leaving behind the void of lost wisdom so desperately needed in these days. Our friend left us in the sure knowledge that one day we will meet him again, for some of us sooner rather than later. […]

Greek ERT-TV Live

Watch Live ERT

Naxos – Top 10 Vacation Spot

According to Time magazine Money Traveler section, Naxos is one of the top ten vacation destinations. “The biggest of Greece’s Cycladic islands, Naxos is studded with lush mountains and valleys polka-dotted by white-washed homes, all surrounded by a ribbon of gorgeous beaches.” See full article in Time’s Money Traveler. Also see ARTravel (narration in Greek) […]

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Interview of Xara Nikopoupou by Chardavelas

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