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Πυρπόληση της Αθήνας (Burning of Athens) – A Response

We would appreciate if you refrain from posting political/partisan content or lobbying for political causes. There are many other things we can do for promoting Hellenism and helping our country in these difficult times such as these examples: Promote tourism, Campaign for Greece’s name and image through public relations initiatives, Research and compile solid proposals […]

*** Enough *** of Politics?

5,578 Hellenic Professors and PhDs. My question is: Don’t you think that 5,578 bright minds could discuss something else of substance and be more productive? Visit your blog and spend 5 mins of your time to read this: Click the “Users” button to see your colleagues. Register yourself if you have not done so. […]

Blog Stats 19Mar2010

Click on the link below to see the stats. Blog Stats 19Mar2010


Request for Volunteers

Our new server is up and running, the blog application has been set-up and the initial blog named “scholars” has been created. However this is not enough. It requires people to organize the blog, create a taxonomy as to how all the subjects will be handled, and will require several moderators monitoring the blog around […]