Request for Volunteers

By , January 27, 2010 12:03 AM

Our new server is up and running, the blog application has been set-up and the initial blog named “scholars” has been created.

However this is not enough. It requires people to organize the blog, create a taxonomy as to how all the subjects will be handled, and will require several moderators monitoring the blog around the clock.
Simply we cannot “go live” without the required planning.

Back in September I had posted the email below explaining what is happening and requesting some help. (See the 1st comment below)

However, I have no volunteers for any of the required tasks. So, please read again the email below, and if you want to volunteer, send me a private email

The following steps will lead us to activating the blog:

1) Receive emails from volunteers
2) Establish a “Scholars Blog Team”
3) Solicit comments and suggestions based on the initial/current blog set-up
4) Identify, schedule and assign tasks based on each person’s expertise
5) Compose the Blog charter and guidelines for registration process and use
6) Draft appropriate text for some of the initial pages
7) Test
8) Go Live

We are all volunteers and some of us spent countless hours to keep HEC running. It will be great if we migrate this forum from email to a blog, but will not happen if we do not create a team to set-up and manage the blog during operation.

The ball is on your court. 5,000 top educated people will read this message and I hope I will get reasonable responses.

Thank you.

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