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TRANSLATION: On Pensions “… Straight to the grave …” by Γιώργος Δελαστίκ (George Delastik)
Things That Never Made It Into Print…

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John Pilger – The heresy of the Greeks offers hope
In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger inverts the perception of Greece as a “junk country” and sees hope in the uprising of ordinary Greeks protesting against the “bailout” of an economy plunged into debt by the tax-evading rich. Greece, he writes, is a microcosm for the developed world, where class war are the words seldom used because they are the truth…” More…

John Pilger related links:
The War on Democracy – a 2007 award-winning documentary film on the political state of Latin America (film 1:33mins).

Kathimerini Front Page in PDF

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The broken vase?

NYT – How Will Greece Get Off the Dole?
GREECE is a relatively wealthy country, or so the numbers seem to show. Per-capita income is more than $30,000 — about three-quarters of the level of Germany… More…

Striking workers, but no riots this time, in protests over Greece debt bailout
Athens – Tens of thousands of striking workers marched in central Athens Thursday to protest austerity measures adopted by the government… More…

Development Greece’s way out of debt crisis: experts
Greek experts say the only viable way for Greece to escape its debt crisis is to vigorously promote development… More…

Greece prepares for more anti-austerity protests

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Very well said Strato on your part. We have to try to to get out the good publicity rather the negativity that is being reported. Stay positive.

BBC Video – “This marketing expert (Stratos Safioleas) believes the crisis is an opportunity to promote the qualities that made the Athens Olympics an unxpected success – This is a country that has natural resources, has natural beauty and has a workforce that is highly educated. All the ingredients are here for a better future for Greece.”


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Occupation of Greece: again!

Almost seventy years go Greece was occupied military by the Italian and German fascist regimes. How we the children of that period can forget this brutal occupation since it has left a permanent impression on our lives. Fortunately we had then royal and courageous allies the partisans and the Red Army who destroyed this brutal dragon of occupation and we become free again (?) within four years.
Yesterday, seventy years later, Greece is occupied again economically and politically by the American and European, mostly German again!) bankers and money lenders.
In absence of royal friends this new occupation is planned to last at least ten and possible twenty years. I sympathy, heart and mind are with the young and the future generations.

Have we learnt anything from the past?


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