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Celestial Computers of Ancient Greece

Just before Easter 1900, Greek sponge-fishers were on their way to the waters of Tunisia when a violent storm threw their boats to Antikythera, a tiny island located north of Crete in the Aegean. After the storm, the sponge-fishers explored the waters of Antikythera for sponges. One of the divers, Elias Stadiatis, discovered the remnants […]

Apple Engineer Recreates Antikythera Mechanism with Legos

See the video and read the comment below. See also: Antikythera Mechanism – Celestial Computers of Ancient Greece

Social Mechanisms

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for you and yours. Here is a multi-transdisciplinary research question set that I am hereby submitting, through you, to the entire Hellenic Electronic Center. I have attached a couple of extensive research abstracts related to this question set: Platonic substratum of Descartes’ error: implications for modernity […]