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Πυρπόληση της Αθήνας (Burning of Athens) – A Response

We would appreciate if you refrain from posting political/partisan content or lobbying for political causes. There are many other things we can do for promoting Hellenism and helping our country in these difficult times such as these examples: Promote tourism, Campaign for Greece’s name and image through public relations initiatives, Research and compile solid proposals […]

Focus on Solutions – Use the Blog

Two items to discuss: 1) This Forum is a sleeping Giant. Too many bright minds in one place. Yes discussions are good and sometimes constructive but we have to raise above politics and actually do things for the public good and our fellow countryman. Take action. This is the key. Produce. Focus on Solutions. Here […]

News Links 17Feb2012

– Recasting Greece’s image in a better lightA number of new initiatives are now attempting to restore the image of Greece, the Greeks and the Greek market as perceived by the international business community and potential visitors… Peloponnese plant shares the benefits of recycling – Those behind Laconia Bioenergy, a waste management company founded in […]