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Comments on the Joel Stein Article of July 2, 2012

Dear Sirs: I have been a  subscriber of TIME for a long time, but I was never before as intrigued by an article in your magazine as I was by Mr Stein’s article in the last issue, that of July 22, 2012, p.62.  I realize that The Awesome Column makes no pretense at serious thought, but this  writer’s historical ignorance astounds […]

The 2nd NANOTECHNOLOGY Expo 2012

Έλληνες επιστήμονες επικεφαλής σε 20 εργαστήρια νανοτεχνολογίας των ΗΠΑ Έλληνες επιστήμονες έχουν ως επικεφαλής τουλάχιστον 20 εργαστήρια νανοτεχνολογίας στις ΗΠΑ! Οι ομάδες τους διαπρέπουν και διεκδικούν τις ανώτατες επιστημονικές διακρίσεις, δημιουργώντας πρωτοποριακά προϊόντα, που φιλοδοξούν ν’ αποσπάσουν το δικό τους μερίδιο σε μια ευρύτερη παγκόσμια αγορά (αυτή της νανοτεχνολογίας) 500-600 δισ. ευρώ σήμερα, που προβλέπεται […]

Bankers at the Gates

New York Times – Op Ed by Peter Frankopan, director of the Center for Byzantine Research at Oxford. “Few Greeks have a good word to say about the European banking system these days. They believe it’s the real reason for their current crisis, having pushed easy money on their politicians and now demanding a pound of […]

Deposits going back into Greek banks

Greeks had withdrawn up to $1 billion a day from major banks before Sunday’s vote on fear of leftist victory will mean return to drachma…. More here:deposits trickle back into the Greek banks – Reuters Επιστρέφουν οι καταθέσεις στις τράπεζες “Από τη Δευτέρα οι καταθέτες ακυρώνουν τις εντολές για αναλήψεις μετρητών, ενώ είχαμε και τις […]

Statements and opinions from Greek polititions and Eurozone leaders – a personal viewpoint

General opinion of economists are that, without closer links and financial federation, the Eurozone will splinter. A EuroBank availanle to all countries, EuroBonds, the same tax policy and social security policy is needed throughout the Eurozone. If that really happened the Euro could be the strongest currency and Europe the global powerhouse, with Eurosceptic Britain, now in a […]

Karagounis fires Greece into last eight

Greece 1-0 Russia Eight years after lifting the Henri Delaunay Cup with victory over Portugal in Lisbon, Greece finally won another game on the UEFA European Championship stage, resurrecting that famous 1-0 scoreline to take their place in the last eight of UEFA EURO 2012 at Russia’s expense… Full article at UEFA

Banks’ Fire Drill for Greece Election

“The banks are on high alert. Hundreds of employees at big firms, some part of special teams, will be on standby this Sunday, awaiting the results of Greece’s pivotal election. They are preparing for the worst case. The fear is that the vote will heighten the chances of Greece exiting the euro and the global […]

Η έκδοση των ταυτοτήτων νέου τύπου

Προχωρούν οι διαδικασίες για την έκδοση των ταυτοτήτων νέου τύπου Το υπουργείο Προστασίας του Πολίτη προχωρά τις διαδικασίες για την έκδοση νέου τύπου δελτίου αστυνομικής ταυτότητας των Ελλήνων πολιτών σε εσωτερικό και εξωτερικό, που θα αναγνωρίζεται και ως ταξιδιωτικό έγγραφο… Full article Kathimerini

As economic crisis bites, Greece’s children pay the price

Athens, Greece (CNN) — Imagine abandoning your own children because you can’t afford to feed and clothe them. It’s a parent’s nightmare that in Greece, mired in economic crisis, is increasingly becoming reality… Read Story and watch the CNN Video

News Links 15Jun2012

“…when there is a risk of redenomination from euros into drachmas, the rational thing to do is to take money out of the bank, to either send it abroad or put it under the mattress. Why aren’t more Greeks doing it? Conversations with a small sample of Athenians suggest a number of explanations. One is […]