Coca-Cola, Nokia and Delhaize choose Greece

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Coca-Cola, Nokia and Delhaize choose Greece for human resource skills
November 26, 2013
By Dimitra Manifava and Vangelis Mandravelis

The Coca-Cola Company is planning to establish a Consumer Interaction Center in Athens. The 1-million-euro investment is expected to create between 100 and 150 jobs. It is due to start operating in early 2014 and will be fully developed in 2015 to cover 23 countries in Central and Southern Europe. The Consumer Interaction Center will develop all of the group’s social networking applications and will employ marketing officials and ICT experts, among others. Coca-Cola Chairman Muhtar Kent informed Prime Minister Antonis Samaras of the company’s decision in a letter following a meeting in September between the two men in New York. Greece was chosen for the Greeks’ know-how and language skills…”

Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) officially announced on Tuesday its intention to expand its software center in Attica, which creates telecommunications solutions for the global market. The new NSN investment will create an additional 150 jobs, taking the number of engineers employed at the center at Kato Kifissia, northern Athens, to over 580 and creating one of the multinational company’s biggest software centers around the world. The new unit was inaugurated yesterday by the ministers of development, Costis Hatzidakis, and labor, Yiannis Vroutsis.”

Delhaize announced on Tuesday it is creating a Center of Excellence in Greece, one of only two in the world. The Belgian group, which owns Greece’s AB Vassilopoulos supermarket chain, has already launched operations at the center in Gerakas, eastern Attica, having hired 30 people from the ICT sector to develop specialized software solutions such as the SAP Retail system and e-commerce intranet. Delhaize chose Greece as it was the first country where it implemented SAP Retail and adjustment proved rapid.”

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Coca Cola Consumer Interaction Center in Athens

Athens was chosen by the parent company of Coca Cola for the new Consumer Interaction Center (Center for Interactive Communication Society) for Central and Southern Europe. This decision, which is a vote of confidence in the prospects of the Greek economy, informed the president and CEO of the world «The Coca Cola Company», Muhtar Kent the chairman of the Business Unit Central and Southern Europe Nikos Koumettis in a letter to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

The letter stated that the decision was taken following a meeting with the Prime Minister held last September in New York, at the event organized by The Hellenic Initiative organization.

Further underlined that the establishment of the Centre in Athens “reflects our belief in the potential for Greece to return to growth and added value of the special skills of the Greeks” and added:
This decision was based on its expertise and language training available to the Greeks, but also our ability to contribute to society by offering attractive and high-level jobs for young talented Greek in the growing area of social networking and communication.”

The Coca Cola also declares its commitment to invest and strengthen its presence in our country. The Citizen Interaction Center will be the administrative and business center for activities on internet and social networking Coca Cola in the region. The operation is planned to start in early 2014 and full deployment in 2015 covering 23 countries of Central and Southern Europe.


Greece Doubles Estimate of 2013 Budget Surplus

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A one Euro coin stands on a map of Greece showing the city of Athens. Getty Images

World Street Journal (World Edition)
By Stelios Bouras and Alkman Granitsas
Updated Nov. 21, 2013 8:21 a.m. ET

“ATHENS—Greece’s government submitted its 2014 budget to Parliament Thursday, despite not having reached a deal with international budget inspectors over further cutbacks needed for next year.

But the spending plan also shows a more robust primary surplus than previously expected for this year—Greece’s first in a decade–strengthening Athens’s hand in what has become a game of high-stakes negotiation for the Greek government with its creditors…”

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Korres 4 Project

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Korres 4 – Automobile Made In Greece

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Korres Project 4: The Greek Supercar
“Το Made In Greece ιδιοφυές δημιούργημα του Δημήτρη Κορρέ που περνάει ταχύτατα σχεδόν απο παντού, αδιαφορεί για το τερέν και διαθέτει μια ανάρτηση που θα ζήλευαν και οι πιο φτασμένοι κατασκευαστές…”
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Ένα ελληνικό αυτοκίνητο με αξιώσεις
“Το στοίχημα του Δημήτρη Κορρέ έκανε πραγματικότητα το ελληνικό αυτοκίνητο, με τις καινοτόμες δυνατότητες και τα 7.000 κυβικά. Το πολύ σε τρεις μήνες η ομάδα που εργάζεται εδώ και πολλά χρόνια για τη δημιουργία ενός πρωτότυπου αυτοκινήτου -για την ώρα ονομάζεται «Korres Project 4», από το όνομα του δημιουργού του- θα έχει ολοκληρώσει μια δουλειά που φαντάζει απίστευτη για δύο λόγους.”
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Great Day for Athens 31st Classic Marathon

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31st Classic Athens Marathon

A record of more than 11,000 runners from nearly 100 countries competed in the race. The event created an amazing image in the streets of Athens today for the world to see!
The Marathon course covers the route have been taken by Pheidippides to announce the Athenians’ victory over a Persian army near the village of Marathon in 490 B.C.

The winner of 31st Athens Classic Marathon is Yego Hillary Kipkogei 2:13.50. Second Kimeli Dicson (2:14:40) and third Rutoh David Kipkorir (2:14:47). First Greek Athlete is Meroussis.

In women division 1st is Rotich Otich Nancy Joan (2:41:38), 2nd is Stanko Svitlana (2:42:03) and third is Magda Gazea (2:46:07).

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