A Unique Greek Bookstore in NYC

By , January 31, 2014 6:19 PM

The Greek Bookstore belongs to a Nigerian-Greek who obviously loves Greek literature. The Seaburn Bookstore is in 22-18 Broadway street in Astoria, NY. It is unique in the American city of hundreds of thousands of Greek Americans who sells Greek books titles of ancient Greek literature and history, modern history and literature, essays and biographies, cookery books, studies and books on art.

Watch this 4 minute video. Η εκπομπή του Σαμ!

“The only mainstream, independent bookstore in Queens has survived the recession and competition from discount websites like Amazon. But another rent increase was the last straw for Seaburn Bookstore…”

Read the full article at DAILY NEWS

Greeks & the 86th Academy Awards – Oscars

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The 86th Academy Awards – 02 March, 2014.

The Greek minds are live and well in Hollywood, as many nominations have been earned for the 86th Academy Awards Oscars.

    • Before Midnight – Academy Award nomination for Richard Linklater. The movie was filmed in Peloponnese, Greece, has received the nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. Beautiful setting, cinematography and music. [See Movie Trailer]

Filming Locations:

    • Kardamyli, Messinia, Greece
    • Costa Navarino Luxury Resort, Messinia, Greece (hotel room scene)
    • Kalamata International Airport – Kalamata, Messinia, Greece (Jesse and Hank at the airport in the opening scene)
    • Pylos, Greece (street scenes)
    • Patrick Leigh Fermor’s house – Kardamyli, Messinia, Greece (house where Jesse and Céline spend their Greek holiday)
  • Nebraska – has received six nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress. Alexander Payne, the Greek American filmmmaker has been recognized for his work, as well Phedon Papamichael for Best Cinematography on the film.
  • Philomena – the Greek French composer Alexandre Desplat received a nomination for Best Original Score.
  • Avant Que De Tout Perdre (Just Before Losing Everything) – Alexandre Gavras, son of filmmaker Costa Gavras, was nominated in the Live Action Short Film Category, alongside Xavier Legrand.



FIFA World Cup Brasil

By , January 27, 2014 11:28 AM

Greece is getting ready for the World Cup!
The Greek team shocked the sports world by winning Euro 2004 defeating Portugal (on their soil). We hope to accomplish the same feat 10 years later at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
Mark your calendar, 14 June 2014 first match against the powerful Colombia.

First round games:WorldCup2014

Summer Schools – Greece 2014

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Aegean Maritime Archaeology – 2014 Summer School

The 15-Days Summer School will consist of lectures and readings, guiding visits to sites and museums, fruitful conversations with faculty and fellow students, student reports, encounters with our Greek hosts, and travel diaries will provide opportunities for students to acquire information and reflect on their experiences. Non-divers will be snorkeling.
Full info at University of the Aegean


Digital Technologies In Cultural Heritage & Tourism – 2014 Summer School (Accredited)

The Summer School is linked to the Workshop Virtual Archaeology Museums & Cultural Tourism initiated last August by the our University and established to a biannial basis and annual summer school co-organized by participated international Institutes and as a consortium participation on a joint Research Programme funded by USA sources.
Full info at University of the Aegean – DIGARCH14



The Garden of Alkinoos – in America

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The Garden of Alkinoos – in America, By Evaggelos Vallianatos, was published in Huffington Post.

Homer and Hesiod spoke with passion about the agrarian nature of Greek civilization. They wrote their immortal epics sometimes in the eighth century BCE.

In book eighteen of the “Iliad” Homer sings how god Hephaistos sculpted a new shield for Achilleus, the greatest Greek hero in the Trojan War….Full Article

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