The Refugees’ Grandmother in Idomeni, Greece

By , April 23, 2016 10:43 AM

Idomeni is a small village in Macedonia, Greece, near the northern border.

There is where a Greek grandmother using her mere monthly €450 pension and whatever her children can give, she stays tall providing shelter and food to those who seek her help.

Published on Apr 8, 2016 by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

“From her small house in Idomeni, Greek grandmother Panagiota Vasileiadou, 82, saw first-hand the bare need of refugees desperate for food to feed their children or clean water to shower and wash their clothes. As a daughter of ethnic Greek refugees herself – who left Turkey in a population exchange after the 1919-1922 Greco-Turkish war – she is now doing all she can to help the latest wave of refugees by giving out food and clothes.”

“I was seven years old when our house was burned down, she says in a video interview for the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (below), adding that “We didn’t have a spoon, fork, bread or clothes. The only thing we had left were the nightgowns we were wearing.”

“This old woman made our lives easier”, says Baraa, an Iraqi refugee. “I thank her so much and she represents the Greek people and what Greece stands for.”

Lighting Ceremony of the Olympic Flame from Olympia, Greece

By , April 21, 2016 9:14 PM

Rio, Brazil, 2016

IOC President says Games at Rio, Brazil, 2016 ‘will be a message of hope in troubled times’

The Olympic flame for the Olympic Games Rio 2016 was lit today in Ancient Olympia, Greece, during a ceremony organised by the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC). writes: “The lighting marks the symbolic start of the Olympic Torch Relay, which will see the flame travel for six days and 2,235km around Greece before being officially presented to the organisers of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 on 27 April at the Panathenaic Stadium, site of the first modern Olympic Games Athens 1896.”

The IOC President spoke of the power of the Olympic flame in promoting peace and spreading the Olympic values.

“These Olympic Games will be a message of hope in troubled times – and the flame will carry this message into all corners of Brazil and, indeed, all the world,” said President Bach. “In these difficult days that Brazil is facing, the flame is a timeless reminder that we are all part of the same humanity. The flame is an ancient symbol of peace and harmony, a symbol of the power of humanity to come together despite our differences. This will be the greatest legacy of the Olympic Games for Brazil and for the world.

He continued: “The torch relay will spread the message of our shared humanity to all people of the beautiful country of Brazil, a nation that is built on the idea that its strength comes from uniting all of its cultural richness. Brazil is unique in its diversity. Let the celebration of the XXXI Olympiad give reason to all the people of this vast and wonderful country to show the world the true meaning of unity in diversity.”


Rio2016a Rio2016c Rio2016b

17 Απριλίου – Let’s do it Greece

By , April 11, 2016 9:36 AM

“Ενώνουμε τις δυνάμεις μας σε όλη την Ελλάδα για να καθαρίσουμε ολόκληρη τη χώρα μέσα σε μία μόνο μέρα!”
Δραστηριότητα του μη κερδοσκοπικού οργανισμού Let’s Do It Greece

Χάρτης Δρασεων και επιλογή σημείου εθελοντισμού

Olympic Games of 1896 – The 1st Olympiad

By , April 6, 2016 1:57 PM

Today, April 6th, marks the 120th anniversary of the first modern Olympic Games, held in Athens, Greece, between 6 and 15 April 1896.

The first Olympiad hosted 250 male athletes from 14 nations who competed in 9 different sports in 43 events. Competition took place in the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, where 80,000 spectators were packing the stadium to watch the different events – athletics, gymnastics, weightlifting and wrestling.

Crown prince Constantine opened the Olympic Games.

“Most noteworthy was the Marathon – it had the greatest number of international athletes ever,” commented Google. “Equally noteworthy was its winner, Spiridon ‘Spiro’ Louis, the only Greek champion in the athletics division, and a national hero for the host country. His monumental victory on that historic day continues to inspire Greek pride.”
IOC/Allsport writes: “It was the culmination of a triumph for the Greek hosts that one of their countrymen in running from the village of Marathon along the coast from Athens should achieve victory.”

After Doodle 4 Google in 2013, Google has done it again by celebrating the 120th anniversary of the first modern Olympic Games with “Doodles” designed by Olivia Huynh and they show four different scenes from the event. Each doodle can be seen below and by refreshing the google homepage.
Google Doodles (click each image to enlarge)

Oly-hors Oly-disc
Oly-weig Google doodles

We thank Google for raising the awareness for this important date, as well other historic events.

The Olympic Games are traced all the way back to 776 BC. The Games were dedicated to Olympian God, Zeus. The Olympics took place in the same place in Olympia, Peloponnese, Greece, every four years and so, this period became known as an ‘Olympiad’.

IOC, 1st Olympic Games
IOC multimedia
The Guardian, UK
The Independent, UK

The Olive Tree (η Ελιά)

By , April 1, 2016 11:00 AM

The olive tree By Kostis Palamas (ΚΩΣΤΗΣ ΠΑΛΑΜΑΣ)



Eίμαι του ήλιου η θυγατέρα
H πιο απ’ όλες χαϊδευτή.
Xρόνια η αγάπη του πατέρα
Σ’ αυτόν τον κόσμο με κρατεί.
Όσο να πέσω νεκρωμένη,
Aυτόν το μάτι μου ζητεί.
Eίμ’ η ελιά η τιμημένη.

Δεν είμ’ ολόξανθη, μοσχάτη
Tριανταφυλλιά ή κιτριά·
Θαμπώνω της ψυχής το μάτι,
Για τ’ άλλα μάτια είμαι γριά.
Δε μ’ έχει αηδόνι ερωμένη,
M’ αγάπησε μία θεά·
Eίμ’ η ελιά η τιμημένη.

Όπου κι αν λάχω κατοικία,
Δε μ’ απολείπουν οι καρποί·
Ώς τα βαθιά μου γηρατεία
Δε βρίσκω στη δουλειά ντροπή·
Μ’ έχει ο Θεός ευλογημένη
Kι είμαι γεμάτη προκοπή·
Eίμ’ η ελιά η τιμημένη.

Φρίκη, ερημιά, νερά και σκότη,
Tη γη εθάψαν μια φορά·
Πράσινη αυγή με φέρνει πρώτη
Στο Nώε η περιστερά·
Όλης της γης είχα γραμμένη
Tην εμορφιά και τη χαρά·
Eίμ’ η ελιά η τιμημένη.

Εδώ στον ίσκιο μου από κάτου
Ήρθ’ ο Χριστός ν’ αναπαυθεί,
Kι ακούστηκε η γλυκιά λαλιά του
Λίγο προτού να σταυρωθεί·
Το δάκρυ του, δροσιά αγιασμένη,
Έχει στη ρίζα μου χυθεί·
Eίμ’ η ελιά η τιμημένη.


I am the daughter of the sun
the more caressed than any other.
For years and years my father’s love
is keeping me in this world alive.
Until the moment I fall dead,
my eye seeks for him and only.
I am the honored olive tree.

I’m not all blond, neither am I fragrant
I’m not a rose tree or citrate;
I dazzle the eye of the soul,
for all other eyes I’m just old.
I’m no any nightingale’s mistress;
a goddess fell in love with me
I am the honored olive tree.

No matter on which land I grow,
I never miss to grow my fruits;
Still by my ripest, oldest age
I don’t think work is a disgrace;
By God I am forever blessed
And I am full of prosperity;
I am the honored olive tree.

Horror, wilderness, water, darkness
Buried the earth once upon a time;
Within a green dawn the white dove
Brings me first of all to Noah;
the whole earth’s beauty and joy
have I written on my leaves.
I am the honored olive tree.

Just right here, under my shadow
the Son of God has come to rest,
and His sweet voice sounded around
shortly before he was crucified.
His holy tear, a sacred dewiness,
around my root it has been spilled.
I am the honored olive tree.

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