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The HEC Scholars blog is for providing additional means of communication forr any Scholar and Hellenic Professors and PhDs forum list subscribers. The only requirement is to avoid publishing political/partizan content lobbying for political partizan causes.

HEC Mailing Lists Information
(example is using HELLENIC-PROFESSORS-PHDS list. Substitute with ACTION to subscribe in the ACTION list)

a. HEC Hellenic Professors & PhDs Purpose & Guidelines – DRAFT v07 Oct2013 PDF

b. To subscribe to the mailing list:

c. To unsubscribe from the mailing list:

Before posting you should complete your PROFILE.

This is required so your name and credentials (as your signature in the email forum) are visible. Instructions to complete your profile are here:

Avoid cut/paste from other sources

Do not cut/paste full articles from newspapers or other online sources. Instead, write a prolog about the article and cut/paste ONLY the URL of the news source.

Get a Gravatar

Simply go to: and follow directions to create your own Gravatar. Once you link a Gravatar to your email, it will automatically appear on this blog and everywhere else Gravatars are used.

See Section 7 and Section 15 for Moderators instructions.

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