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By , February 4, 2010 9:46 PM

This is your Help page.
You can post your question, concern, praise, or anything else related to the operation and use of this blog. The HEC administrators monitor this page and will reply.

This blog is open to everyone for posting a new subject or comment to existing post provided you are a registered user (see instructions. Below).

What is Moderation
Moderators are HEC member volunteers who have given special rights for approving the posts. When a post is made, stays in a “pending” state until it is approved/published. The only reason for this is to stop the SPAM. The main duty of the moderator is to review “pending” postings and upon his or hers approval the post is published “posted” on the blog. There should be a group of moderators to divide among themselves the monitoring of the blog. Ideally the blog should be monitored 24×7 so if someone submits a post, it will be reviewed, approved and published within a short period of time. The approval and publishing is very simple process and it is done by just clicking the approval button next to each “pending” post.

The moderator is to block only the SPAM (posts attempted by unauthorized/unregistered users) and not posts from registered users.

All posts are approved for publishing unless they are not of political/partisan content or lobbying for political causes.

If you have already registered, please start from step #3
Once you are on the blog:

1. Registration – click “register” located on the right column in the “META” box
1a. Verify registration – verify your registration via the automatic email you will receive.
2. Login – click “Login” located on the right column in the “META” box
2a Your Dashboard page will show up at login
2b If you are on the blog page, select “Site Admin” in the “META” box to go to Dashboard
3. On the Dashboard click “Profile” and do the following:

4. FIRST NAME: your first name
5. LAST NAME: your last name
6. DISPLAY NAME PUBLICLY AS: select your full name
7. WEBSITE: (Copy/paste this link):
[now you will need to find your assigned “Author=” number and type it next to “=”]
To find your Author number (User-ID or UID)
–>go here
–> find your name and click on it.
example–> if you click on my name you will get:
My UID is “7”

8. BIO INFO: Write a short bio about yourself
9. NEW PASSWORD: enter a password (if you want to change it, else leave it blank)

10. CLICK: “Update Profile”

You are DONE!

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