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Another HEC project…In progress…

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Background – Greece dwells in our hearts and with every heartbeat our minds reach out in search of ways to help our homeland.

A few years ago, a campaign was sponsored by HEC (www.greece.org) in support of the isolated and border island of Kastellorizo, in the South-East Aegean. Post cards were sent by postal mail to Kastellorizo from all over the world in order to incorporate a more regular routine in postal delivery to the island.

Recently, Kastellorizo has once again needed our help with regular contact to the island remaining as the primary need, as well as much needed funds for restoration of municipal and public buildings and renovations to the port.

HEC is launching a two-fold campaign, coordinating the assistance and support to Kastellorizo.

a) Fundraising Campaign – to raise funds for the much needed municipal restoration work for public buildings and the port. The objective is to contribute monetarily on restoration efforts.

[Fundraising link]

b) Postal Mail Campaign – In parallel, to send postal mail to local offices and officials.  The objective is to create a flood of steady mail, thus encouraging the Greek government to increase the frequency of mail delivery from the mainland.

Further reading on a letter already sent to the island may be found at this link: An old letter worth reading

Everyone is kindly asked to please send a post card to Kastellorizo addressed to the public school or the Municipal offices. A postage stamp on a post card is the minimum that every single person can do with the maximum effect in solidarity with the locals of Kastellorizo.

Your Action – Please do not delay.  Donate for restoration work, for NO amount is too small, and send your postcard today.

Postal Mail Address:

Δημόσιο Δημοτικό Σχολείο – Μεγίστη (Καστελλόριζο)
Μεγίστη Δωδεκανήσου 851 11

We may find a list of the public services and the building addresses they are housed in at the following link, when searching by name; such as, ” Καστελλόριζο Σχολείο” or other places. Google Search or Yahoo Search

HEC Executive Council

Wikipedia – Katellorizo
Βικιπαίδεια – Καστελλόριζο
Google Search – Καστελοριζο


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