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By , May 2, 2010 12:06 PM

Task – Establish a Think-Tank of Hellenic Minds.
Scope (preliminary) – Members will work in creating tangible proposals (Position Papers, Research and Analysis, etc.) with recommendations and alternatives.
How – Discuss and publish researches via a Conference or just publish Reports.
Requirements – 1) Discussions & Content must be non-political, 2) Project Plan is a must for each proposal/project.
[Read the comments below for more information. You are welcomed to post yours after you register.]

First steps:

  1. Register to participate in BLUE SKIES
  2. Register in this blog so you will be able to post your comments in our discussions
  3. Form a Blue Skies Committee
  4. The initial group will work to formulate the Scope and Goals
  5. Develop a comprehensive plan
  6. Assign tasks to experts as per project plan

Relevant links with initial thoughts in kicking-off this project:

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  2. *Enough* of Politics
  3. the blaming game
  4. can we come up with a concrete plan?
  5. a bit of gratitude does not harm : ) and goes a long way!
  6. a view from the outside: Things That Never Made It Into Print…

Who is ParticipatingRegistered Blue Skies Participants as of 06Nov2013

For any assistance contact: Thanos Voudouris

NOTE: (a) The project name “Blue Skies” is a suggestion. It conveys an excellent connotation for our country and for the future. It will be up to the Project Committee, to adopt it or come up with another name.
(b) The Scope and Goals will be defined by the initial committee of the project.

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  1. admin says:

    In general terms, I envisioned the following:
    1. Build a team of at least 20 people – hopefully much more.
    2. Work for a period of 4-6 months to generate two items:
    – 2a A legitimate study in a form of “Position Paper”
    – 2b A visual presentation which will be in the form of a Web-based conference, and/or a presentation in a preset location (conference room) to discuss the Position Paper
    3. The study will discuss and analyze several issues (to be identified by the team) and conclude with recommendation(s) and alternatives.
    4. The study will be presented to the Greek government and at the same time we could publish it via academic channels and MME.

    Upon successful completion of this effort, we will be recognized as a legitimate body of performing research and producing results – analysis & recommendations. This will mean that we can legitimate say that we have initiated a “Think Tank” to continue working on important issues related to well being of our country.

    Of course all these are my initial thoughts. When we build our team we will start forming a Charter of operations.


  2. Please read the paper I wrote in 2009 ΕΛΛΗΝΩΝ ΚΟΣΜΟΠΟΛΙΤΕΙΑ and consider the possibility of re-organizing τα ΑΕΙ of Hellas along lines similar to organizing Hellenism world-wide for the benefit of our country Hellas.

    Perhaps you can write your own proposal about managing our πάμπλουτη από σωτήρες Hellas. You might like the two-year limit idea: μέλη του πρυτανείου εκλέγονται γιά διετή θητεία μεταξύ των μελών του διαβουλίου, λογοδοτούν ενώπιόν του, είναι ελευθέρως ανακλητά και διαρκώς ελεγχόμενα. What do you think? Can that take care of the αγάπη για την καρέκλα στα ΑΕΙ of Hellas?
    (Thanks to Dr. Ioanna Anastasopoulou for the idea)

  3. I am in the process of creating a Mindmap, an analysis of the past, present and future of the Hellenic Crisis.

    This is my proposal of an organizational structure of knowledge, which could help archive information for every participant to study and expand. (Collaboration on the mindmap is available).

    This schema also proposes actions, as for example the buyout of our debt, written by mr Georgios Gialtouridis.

    My own proposal is the creation of a Democratic Framework. This should be a study on political systems, implementation of Democracy, political ethics.
    The result should be a clear Democratic Framework with rules and applications for organizations and parties to follow.
    There should also be framework metrics applied on every political schema / action / declaration which would project the level of adoption.
    Studies on the subject are proposed, although I am sure a lot more bibliography is required.
    Mr Nicholas Georgantzas has posts on the HEC list with organizations active on matters of Democracy. We could collaborate with them in the common cause.

    This Democratic Framework can be the basis of political pressure for change. Anyone can foresee political reformation, so we should step in with political studies, analysis, implementations in other countries, so as to impose rules of Democracy to old and new political formations.

    Studying the past will point out our mistakes.
    Projecting the future can pinpoint our target and current actions.
    Applied Political ethics of the present will be the prerequisite for making it happen.

    It is obvious that each analysis and action will be greatly benefited by finding people with the appropriate expertise. This will enhance our effort and speed up results. I propose to search and recruit such individuals.

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