Blue Skies

Task – Establish a Think-Tank of Hellenic Minds.
Scope (preliminary) – Members will work in creating tangible proposals (Position Papers, Research and Analysis, etc.) with recommendations and alternatives.
How – Discuss and publish researches via a Conference or just publish Reports.
Requirements – 1) Discussions & Content must be non-political, 2) Project Plan is a must for each proposal/project.
[Read the comments below for more information. You are welcomed to post yours after you register.]

First steps:

  1. Register to participate in BLUE SKIES
  2. Register in this blog so you will be able to post your comments in our discussions
  3. Form a Blue Skies Committee
  4. The initial group will work to formulate the Scope and Goals
  5. Develop a comprehensive plan
  6. Assign tasks to experts as per project plan

Relevant links with initial thoughts in kicking-off this project:

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  2. *Enough* of Politics
  3. the blaming game
  4. can we come up with a concrete plan?
  5. a bit of gratitude does not harm : ) and goes a long way!
  6. a view from the outside: Things That Never Made It Into Print…

Who is ParticipatingRegistered Blue Skies Participants as of 06Nov2013

For any assistance contact: thanos voudouris

NOTE: (a) The project name “Blue Skies” is a suggestion. It conveys an excellent connotation for our country and for the future. It will be up to the Project Committee, to adopt it or come up with another name.
(b) The Scope and Goals will be defined by the intitial committee of the project.