Hellenic, Armenian, Assyrian GENOCIDE

By , May 23, 2010 2:12 AM

Before we start organizing this project we must add more questions and reply to the following ones:

1.- What are the goals of this project?
2.- How can we invite Armenians and Assyrians academics and leaders of their organizations?
3.- How can we organize an Hellenic, Armenian and Assyrian academic Conference?
4.- What is the budget of such a conference?
5.- Where will take place such a conference?
6.- How can we organize Genocide events for September 14 and April 24?
7.- Can we invite Thea Halo for an Internet conference? (we have done it before)
8.- Do we have any other scholar for an Internet conference?

Evangelos Rigos
The Administrator

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  1. Eleni Phufas says:

    The overarching goal of the Genocide project should be the raising of awareness on the part of all Greeks and Hellenophiles everywhere. The Genocide has been mostly forgotten – has either been erased from the memories of the Greek people or has been shoved to the recesses of their memories. This state of affairs cannot continue! We dishonor all Greeks in all times by this apathy and indifference. We must collectively through HEC and individually raise this issue to the forefront and the first step is awareness. We need to water and nourish the historical reality of the Genocide so that it stops withering away and grows strong and effective.

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