Cyprus – Attempts to Solve the Cyprus Problem

Immediately after the invasion and Turkish occupation, the Government of Cyprus chose to seek a solution by peaceful means, through talks held under the auspices of the UN. To date innumerable such attempts have been made, but to no avail.

In all the phases of the long but fruitless procedure of intercommunal talks, the Greek Cypriot side has followed a constructive attitude – both in the positions it adopted and the positive proposals it submitted. The Greek Cypriot side has proposed the complete demilitarisation of the island and the securing of international guarantees to meet the security concerns of the whole population of Cyprus. It has also accepted the principle of a federal solution.

Several UN resolutions call for a just and lasting solution to the Cyprus question and the implementation of the universal principles and respect for fundamental human rights. The UN Security Council in resolution 541 (1983) considered the declaration of an “independent state” in the areas occupied by the Turkish army as “legally invalid” and called for its withdrawal. Turkey has consistently ignored the international community. The European Committee on Human Rights has found Turkey guilty of mass violations of human rights during and after the invasion and occupation of part of the island. In its reports on three recourses of the Cyprus government against Turkey, the Committee found that “the acts violating the Convention (of Human Rights) were exclusively directed against members of one of the two communities in Cyprus, namely the Greek Cypriot community”.

Decades after the de facto division imposed by the Turkish army, it is clear both to the United Nations and to all that the present situation is not a solution. On the contrary, it has become a source of agony for all, particularly for the Turkish Cypriots, who emigrate en masse mainly to Europe. The reunification of Cyprus and the implementation of the universal principles and ideals, namely the UN charter of Human Rights, constitute the best guarantee for a peaceful and lasting future. The people of Cyprus have the right to live in a united and peaceful country.

The political issue, despite efforts to solve it, remains virtually frozen since 1974 and the occupation of Cyprus territory by the Turkish army still continues.



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